Monday, January 18, 2010

Why Icelandic Chickens?

Why raise Icelandic chickens? Well, chickens are supposed to be easy to raise - reducing the chance of us killing them through inexperience or gross incompetence.

Chickens can free range in either the yard, garden, or pasture land (currently known as the woods), greatly reducing their initial costs.

Chickens produce eggs that can be locally consumed or sold, they can even be eaten (in a pinch). Chicken droppings are supposed to be a good fertilizer for gardens or orchards (these don't exist yet either), time will tell of course.

We have read that chickens can even reproduce themselves without human assistance. They had better be able to do this because if appears that every animal on the planet likes to hunt and eat them.

The chickens will arrive in late spring in the form of chicks that will need to be kept warm, fed and safe (potentially a problem with the dogs and cats prowling the house). Their Coop does not yet exist, but it is on the to do list.

Icelandic chickens???? They are quite colorful and of course ..........................It gets really cold in Minnesota..............!!!

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