Friday, July 30, 2010


We think this is our rooster. The stories we have heard about mean roosters make us question this because this chicken is always the first one out of the coop and always greets people who go into the coop area. This chicken is really friendly!

It is filling out well and looks healthy. The chickens love the wood chip base that dominates their coop area. They dig in it all day long and make little pig like wallow holes that they roll around in. We will definitely add more wood chips once the Commander fires the chipper back up.

Our Rooster(?) loves to be held, and eats out of my hand. Heck, he will peck at my hand even if I don't have any food in it, saying; "Where is my food? I'm going to peck you either way."

***Correction*** I have been informed that the above picture is the hen named Bits. Bits likes to be held and is also friendly. The statement about the rooster still remains valid.

The ducks continue to grow and share space with the chickens and then go into the garage at night. I have to finish their duck hut soon.


  1. Love the young chicken pics!! I hand fed and coddled all my chickens - the first chickens we got last oct as day-olds. They all ate from my hands, and were beyond friendly. Every night my husband & I sat in the coop for an hour (we gave up TV for chickens) and all the chickens sat in our laps & we gave treats. It was a real special time. Then as the cockerels' starting getting hormones, they suddenly got mean. They couldn't help it, it was a hormonal thing.

    Different cockerels came into their hormones at different times - when the first one was mean to me, I was devastated, he was my baby. I didn't understand how he could change overnight like that. It broke my heart because I didn't understand. I carried an old straw broom, which he was afraid of. Then after a few weeks he stopped attacking me, then a month later it happened to another young roo. Then in another month it happened to my fav roo, Leggy. Now they all have calmed down, but I pay attention if I'm out walking around in the pen & one of the boys starts walking sidesways towards me. They always attacked me with their feet when my back was turned, and once they started jumping at me, they wouldn't stop till I grabbed the broom. I've gotten used to them now. I learned if I don't have the broom nearby when they just begin to think about attacking me, I chase them down with my hands up screaming and they usually back down immediately. (If I had neighbors they'd think I'm nuts!) Once they start the jumping there's no way to stop them without the broom. Funny thing is they attack my husband alot less than they attack me.

    We still go into the coop in the eves and cuddle with the birds, especially the roos, to ensure they will be friendly to us.

    So, long story short, in my humble experience, it will happen to a young roo no matter how you've raised him, and no matter how sweet he used to be. It's mother nature. But if you're raised him to be friendly, it may not be that bad once his hormones stabilize.


  2. Lynn, Thank you so much for the detail reply. I guess I have to get ready for our rooster to "turn". That will be a sad day as he is the most friendly and personable of all our chickens.

    I interact with the chickens and guineas every day in hopes that we will be good friends throughout their time here, my family just loves watching them. One of the fun things to do around here is to run to the coop area with a worm or bug to give to the fowl.

  3. We've had the same experience with roosters as Lynn. I found this website that has been very helpful though:

    I hope that helps! I love rooster stories. :)