Monday, July 12, 2010

Sheep Barn Prep

Several weeks ago I thought the site for the sheep shed was ready, especially after we had someone come in and remove all the stumps. Turns out that the area was too wet and soft for the size building we had in mind, so we either had to pick a different spot or improve the building area. The improvement wasn't in the budget, but we almost had no choice, so in came the dump trucks hauling dirt. Our backyard had always been low, so a sand roadway had to be put in so the dump trucks wouldn't bury themselves. The dirt mountain to the right is top soil that will be set once the lumber trucks finish their deliveries. The soil will be seeded and hopefully the grass will take before the onset of winter.

The basic outline of the sheep shed was put in place today. The amount of clearing that has taken place is amazing. The fence is about 1/3 complete, a few trees still need to come down before it can be finished. Approximately two weeks before the sheep arrive, will we be ready?


  1. Lots of hard work going on up there!
    It's going to be worth it. :o)


  2. That seems like a lot to do in just two weeks! But we are usually in the same type of situation, and it always seems to come together in spite of us! Best of luck with all that work - I can't wait to see your new additions!

  3. Ah, the joys of construction. (NOT!) Wishing you well, and that all the things flying about line up for you when you need it to. (Sheep don't wait much, do they?)