Monday, September 6, 2010


Fall is definitely in the air here as the temperatures have dropped to the upper thirties the last few nights. The leaves are turning and in some instances falling so we thought we should put some winter hay up in the lofts. Our neighbor normally does round bales, but at our request he provided us with 50 square bales of second cut hay. The skylights really light the place up.

I raked up the hay droppings and gave it as a treat to the boys, they loved it.


  1. Ooooh...I love the feeling of knowing I have a barn full of hay! Nice hayloft!

  2. hi chai,
    thankyou for visiting my blog ,and its been nice of you for appreciating my painting .
    yes its watere colour , i did it long back ,inspired by somthing i have seen some where ,thou dont remember ,i did it arounf 12 years back when i was in med school ,i did it wirh some changes as this is actually a painted version of my college campus ,which had victorian archetature with high arched galleries and a chapal in the front ,yess with loads of flowers .
    thankx for droping bye ,keep visinting me .
    i enjoyed going thru your farm house activities and loved it ,
    have a great weekend