Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting Ready for Winter

At the end of last Winter this wood shed was completely empty.

With all the woods clearing the Commander has done this year the wood shed is now full to bursting. I still don't think we have enough to make it through the Winter but we have more wood stored outside underneath a few tarps.

Nothing is nicer on a brutally cold Minnesota evening than sitting in front of the wood stove and getting nice and toasty.


  1. That is a very comforting sight! I hope you stay very toasty up there. I hear it gets wicked cold!


  2. What a nice stash you have there, Chai! A reminder to us, we need to stack up some firewood too. Down here in Florida, we only use it a few times in the winter. We haven't turned on the heat in 9 years! Last year, we had three or four nights in the 10s. It warmed up during the day and we had a nice fire, that was enough to keep us warm.