Saturday, September 17, 2011

Alarm! Alarm!

The guineas have calmed down quite a bit, they no longer scream out alarms for the humans or animals that live here. It is odd to see how casual they are when Sara sprints past them at full speed on her way to where ever.

Yesterday I knew something was up when they were screaming in the middle of the day. I went outside expecting to see a fox and what did I see?

A small little yearling! I think this poor little deer has lost its mother as it is always by itself when it comes around. The deer seems a little slim but otherwise healthy.

I'm sure the poor little deer is sick of the guineas crying bloody murder every time it shows up. I hope this little one finds some other deer to hang out with who can teach it how to survive the brutal winter that is coming.


  1. Poor thing. I hope he found something good to eat in his visit. I would like that kind of visitor.

  2. That is one beautiful little deer! And he is smiling at you! He knows he's safe with you! How special is that? It's very cool!

    My young guineas still cry their alarm over everything, even me. They haven't gotten used to anything yet. It gets very loud outside sometimes! How many guineas do you have? I know you have alot, including the babies being raised by the hen.


  3. My nephew offered me some guineas but i was concerned what my neighbours would think. LOL.

  4. Michaele - If the deer hangs around this winter I'm sure it will find itself with some hay!

    Lynn - I have 2 male and 2 female adults. Momma chicken is busy raising 8 keets, genders unknown.

    Hazel - I thought the same thing, but the neighbors are very happy at the lack of ticks.