Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things that make me Chuckle

Yesterday I watched as the baby guineas were out free ranging with mama chicken when something spooked them. The babies decided to fly, one by one, over two fences to rest on top of the coop. Poor mama chicken helplessly watched them fly off and then had to run through two fence gates to join them in the coop. I could hear her talking to herself; "Who taught those dang kids how to fly?"

I was outside in the sheep area when I noted a chicken trying to bury itself in a dirt hole. It was cold out and SNOWFLAKES started to fall. I could just hear the chicken saying; "Snow, SNOW!?! I have got to dig faster!"

One of the hens has been broody for quite a while. At one point the Commander had to pick up her eggs because one of them had broke and contaminated the rest. He found three good ones and moved them over to a clean nesting box, he wanted to give her a chance. She now has 18 eggs in her box, 18! I looked in the coop a couple of days ago to see how she was doing and one of the other hens was laying an egg on top of her! How did all those eggs get in there? It is really late to have chicks here but the hens are really giving it their best shot. I just have to shake my head.


  1. Good luck on your late clutch. Heak, even if only a few make it through, it's better than nuth'n!

  2. Move over lady. This is my nesting box. Too funny.

  3. Oh that mamma hen is going to have a real problem keeping up now!

  4. Carolyn - That is exactly what I was thinking. It may be hard to keep them warm though....

    Mike - I can't imagine the indignity of having another hen lay an egg on my back!

    Michaele - Mama chicken looke to be a nervous wreck.

  5. Oh my, snowflakes. Break out the woolies!

    I love how expressionate chickens can be. I mean, they don't have any defining features that make them expressionate, but their actions and their eyes do say everything!

  6. Autumn - I really need to break out something warm for my chickens as they are missing a lot of feathers! I sure hope the cold holds off.