Monday, November 7, 2011

Ironwoods' Time

Ironwood was released in with the girls on Sunday 06 November, 2011. He spent the first hour chasing after first one mother daughter pair and then another until everyone was too exhausted to run. At one point he was sniffing up behind Kia when Ava had had enough and stomped her feet at him in frustration - "Leave my mother alone!"

Ironwood was not very courteous, he spent a lot of time showing his teeth, flapping his tongue, sniffing the air. He will have two months to complete his business until Wild Man (Alder) moves in.


  1. Ironwood is so cute & a handsome boy at that. I hope you can get at least a kid or so out of him!

  2. Autumn - I'm hoping to get a whole new flock from him!

  3. All good signs of interest.
    Fingers crossed for a successful lambing.
    Do you have a harness so you can tell if he's bred any?

  4. Farmer - No harness here, I have to rely on Ironwood to get the job done or Alder to correct his errors in a clean up role.