Friday, November 4, 2011

The New Guy has a Job to Do!

We have a new goat on the farm and everyone is excited to see who it is! Chip was the first to welcome Romeo to his new home.

Romeo is a shy fellow and looks to be a bit small and youngish to complete his assigned duties.

He is a handsome fellow and he has long thick hair that can be expected of a yearling.

Romeo had the wrong idea initially, thinking that he might be living in the house instead of in the barn. You can get a rough idea of Romeo's size when you compare him to Sara who is standing next to him. You can also see some important goat parts that Chip no longer has......and those are why he is here. Back in August I went in with Karen from Pelican Acres to jointly buy Romeo from a farm in southern Wisconsin. It is now my turn to house him for a while and to reap the fruits of his loins?

Becca Boo wasn't quite sure what to make of her new suitor, so she gave him a few headbutts to make sure he knew his place.

Romeo seemed to be more of a novelty than a member of the herd.

Gidget wanted to know what that horrible (intoxicating?) smell was and where it was coming from. She seemed a bit surprised to find a goat that was actually smaller than her.

No matter his size Romeo sure is a handsome fellow, note the moon spots. The other goats had better get used to him because he has a job (or three) to do and will be hanging around till he gets it done.


  1. He is very handsome! I bet he'll make some adorable babies. :-)

  2. omg you said "loins!"... *places paper bag over head, asks Nicolas to read this blog until the coast is clear*

    but them spots are fabulous! great work!

  3. I wanted to say that Romeo was very handsome, but the truth is, he's too darned cute in an adorable, fluffy, cuddly sort of a way to be "handsome" (yet). He's lovely though! I want a cuddle!

  4. Romeo! What a handsome little dude!
    So many inappropriate (but terribly funny) comments are running through my head, but rather than sharing them here, I'll just wish the little guy luck!

  5. Teresa - I sure hope so, although I think he is going to make us wait a bit till he grows up some.

    OFG - "Too Short" got everyone here all so excited that we can't contain ourselves!

    Lynn - His markings are wonderful aren't they.

    Claire - He would be very cuddly I he didn't stink so much!

    Danni - Just send those comments over to my FB page....inquiring minds want to know.