Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lazy Day

We set up the electric netting in the backyard today and let the sheep in to graze. The rest of the lawn was handled by the Commander with the other lawn mower.  A few of the lambs got shocked but the fence is doing its job.  Molly got jolted a few times and even she now stays well clear of the fence.

This section of the yard is full of clover and dandelions, perfect for grazing.

It is a nice break for the girls from browsing and clearing all the overgrowth back in the forest.

Plus, it gives Zoe's two little lambs a few days to gain their strength before heading back into the woods.

Gardenia is partly roo'ed, we get a little wool off from her every evening.

The baby goats were out enjoying the sunshine.

Gidgets two girls are just as attractive out of their dresses as they are in them!

The boys were moved to the front grazing area to give the other newish pasture a break. Hoss loves the deep grass.

Killarney is totally roo'ed!

Alder still has a bit of wool but he is a bit too crazy to handle on a regular basis.


  1. So interesting, and it's nice to know other people have crazy animals as well!

  2. Mary Ann - The animals may be crazy but it sure is relaxing watching them.