Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wooly wooly!

On the day the sheep shearer came over my rose bush was in full bloom!

I found him on Craig's list, he was charging $5 per sheep plus mileage.

I had 6 sheep that needed shearing, 3 Icelandic and 3 Cascade. The Cascade's normally shed their wool naturally and I just gently peal it off in a roo'ing process but I think this years crazy weather may have had a negative impact on their shedding.

Ava didn't look too happy but she was much cooler once her wool was removed.

Hoss was gentile as always, he is such a good boy. The shearer went to school for two years learning his craft so I'm sure he will charge more once he gets more experience. Now I need to figure out what to do with all the wool I have in bags.

Lara looks much smaller and is a beautiful grey!

Ava looks healthy.

Azalea looks shrunken, Berkley is almost her size.

Zoe looks sleek with a trimmed black look.

Azalea has a deer/Soay look to her.

Ironwood looks much less mean, he is happy to be out in the yard grazing on grass behind the electric fence.

Hoss' head is much larger than his body, he has a lot of growing to do!


  1. they look lovely! and happy fathers day to the commander :-)

  2. Why did only some get shorn? There are no shearers here who will come to do only a few sheep at a time, so people are hesitant to get them... they say it takes too much time to set up and carry all their equipment for just a few.

  3. OFG - It is like having different animals wandering around. The Commander took it easy today, I took real good care of him!

    Mary Ann - The set up wasn't too bad as all they had to do was add a nail to hang their motor from. The adult Cascades normally shed so most of them didn't need to be sheared. The others you see with longer wool are this years lambs!