Sunday, August 26, 2012

Close Call

Yesterday afternoon the Commander looked out the window and saw little Belle (top right corner) laying motionless in the yard wrapped in the electric netting.  The netting wasn't energized at the time because the batteries were low and the Commander figured the sheep were wary of it from previous shocks.

We both rushed out (with me being barefoot) and as I approached her I was sure she was dead.  When I touched her she flinched and I tried to figure out how to untangle her.  She was foaming a bit from the mouth and it was obvious she was having trouble breathing.  She was wrapped up good so I had to run into the house and grab some scissors.

As I ran back I felt a squish under my feet and of course I had stepped into a pile of dog poo - great!  When I got back to Belle I slowly cut the strands that were wrapped around her neck and legs.  Once she was free I held her closely to try and prevent the effects of shock from killing her.  Her breathing got better and once she settled down I set her free.  It was interesting to note that Berkley of all the sheep stayed close to her side while she was trapped, everyone else was back in the woods.

Belle was brought into the sheep barn and fed some hay and given a cool drink, she was OK.  We are going to set up a new fence and break out one of the new power supplies today, the sheep need to learn that the fence isn't to be fooled with.  


  1. I had a lamb do the same thing a couple of years ago...luckily for her ( I guess lol) the netting wrapped more around her face and she was able to breathe..unlucky for her, there was still electricity coursing through it. She lived, she had a little laceration above her eye and one on her leg, both healed and we were very lucky not to have mechanical pneumonia set in (she was on her back for who knows how long). When they're working electonetting is awesome...when they're not..they can be a death trap. I'm glad she's ok, and hopefully she will learn her lesson! Fences are NOT to be trifiled with!

  2. Wow, what a scary moment! Glad Belle is ok x

  3. Whew! Glad that she pulled through, you're heart must have been racing a mile a minute (or more). I have to admit though that this post did give me a little bit of a know, squishing in the dog poop.

  4. Stacy - Just when I think they are trained to stay clear of the fence and I don't energize it someone has to get tangled. It must have been a miracle that kept your girl alive with the electricity coursing through her. I was really worried about shock doing her in as well. I have learned my lesson and will have the fence energized whenever the sheep are loose.

    Rachy - My heart was in my throat!

    Lynn - I was disappointed that her mother wasn't staying with her!

    Carolyn - Yeah, even in emergencies around here something else comically goes wrong!

  5. Wow! Glad it turned out OK, poor thing.

  6. Wow! Close call indeed. I have a feeling the neighborhood would have known my (ahem) vocabulary, if I had stepped in poo, however... Glad she is okay...


  7. Cat - I think the neighbors would love to hear anything coming from this place, so long as it isn't the Guineas!

  8. Glad you were home and got to her in time, another reason it is hard to get away for any length of time when you have critters.

  9. Tombstone - That is so true. I am afraid to leave this place because it seems like the animals are all hatching ingenious plans to see what unique way they can kill or injure themselves!