Saturday, August 4, 2012


Sometimes it is fun to just go out and watch the sheep graze.  I have been separating the lambs but Lara likes to watch her boys from the other side of the fence.

Parts of the forest are very lush but it doesn't take long for the girls to "mow" it down to nothing.  About 3/5ths of the forest is fenced in and next year we hope to get the rest.  At some point we will also have to subdivide it as well - a lot of work remains to be done.

I love Lara's grey coloring.

Both Berkley and Brighton have wonderful wool.  Both boys have prospective new homes an I think their owners will be very happy with them.

The lambs help keep the goat are from getting completely overgrown.  I don't know why the goats don't like grass but the sheep sure love it.

Of course I have to keep an eye on little stinkers like Berkley because he likes to sneak inside the goat barn are eat their hay and minerals.


  1. I can't believe how green it looks! Amazing!

  2. Teresa - Seems we only have two colors here, green and white. The white being snow of course!

  3. I have 2 colors here too ........ green and brown, LOL. Sheep prefer grass cause they are grazers, goats are browsers and prefer more woody coarse type of feed such as berry vines, poison oak, rose bushes and other types of brush. Although I planted some trees and my Dorper sheep managed to push the fence in and almost wiped out my young trees. Don't they know I plant trees for their comfort to have shade from the summer sun?

  4. Tombstone - I let the goats out to browse but it would be nice if they could keep their pen trimmed back a little. By not eating the grass they do give me a convenient place to put the lambs (more like rambs at this point).

  5. "Rambs"... I love it! The sheep look well fed and happy!

  6. Mary Ann - They really aren't lambs any more but they still want their mamma!

  7. That's a lot of work, sectioning off and fencing the forest. You make it sound easy, but I know better.

    It's relaxing just to watch the animals, isn't it?

  8. Lynn - Because of the difficulty in hauling fencing in and through the forest we have realized that we can only complete one fencing project per year. The heat, bugs, and the trees themselves make any project back there hugely difficult.