Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Blue Wheaton rooster, just like in the pictures.  Check!

Blue Wheaton Hen, just like in the pictures?  Check? 

Seems this "hen" spends a lot of her (its?) time crowing!  It looks like a hen, doesn't have rooster tail feathers, yet crows?  Have you ever seen anything like that before?


  1. Yep. I had a barred rock HEN start crowing after being full grown. Weirdest thing, but apparently not that uncommon. Although I never found out if she laid eggs after the crowing episode, nor figured out if she's still with our flock and no longer crowing or became bobcat or coyote dinner (I'm not that familiar with my flock). But currently, only our roosters crow. For now :)

  2. ah yes... the sneaky rooster... you call them Miss Hennie for months. and then they crow. sorry - always a disappointment.

    you know what we say "when you start to crow, you got to go!"

  3. Carolyn - I love your statement of "I'm not that familiar with my flock". That in the context of the crowing hen made me laugh and laugh!

    OFG - I'm still holding out hope that she will realize her error and get to the egg laying business. Maybe she just doesn't like the Roosters around here?

    Kelly - It is strange.

  4. I've had an elderly hen grow spurs and act like a rooster... but only once or twice. That one doesn't look as old!

    Update us on the rustlers if you can, please

  5. Mary Ann - She was hatched out this Spring. The Commander walked the fence line yesterday and no new breaches have been made. I'm not sure if young hunters broke through the fence or it was something more nefarious - time will tell.

  6. I'm like Mary Ann - I have a few older hens who have grown spurs and started acting a little like roosters. They do the rooster walk when a hen walks by - you know, with the wing down. But, alas, they have never crowed! It seems chickens just like to keep us guessing!

    I told Randy about your possible rustlers - he totally thought someone was trying to steal your livestock! I'm glad nothing else has happened.