Saturday, January 23, 2010

Homey Homestead

Every Homestead needs a good clock, and ours was a gift from my father. The beautiful grandfather clock obviously operates without electricity, and provides us with happy melodies and chimes every fifteen minutes. The strange thing about the clock is most of the time one doesn't even hear the chimes - unless they listen for them. There is no better feeling than to wake up in the middle of the night and hear the clock chime two, just close your eyes and snuggle back in for four hours more sleep.

Pictures always warm up a home, and reflect the warmth in the hearts of those who dwell there.

Every homestead needs a "country style" guest room, here are a few pictures of ours.

Mocha and Chai make sure the guest room is ready at all times.


  1. What?! You mean I'd get to share a room with the infamous Chai Chai?! Do I have to tell you when I'm coming or can I just show up?


  2. Just let us know when you are scheduled to arrive, both Mocha and Chai Chai love to suck the body warmth out away from unsuspecting house guests.