Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goats a'comin!

Our first dairy goat, Addison, arrives this coming Saturday, 13March2010. I feel like I am a first time mother all over again. I find myself checking through the list of supplies and materials over and over, looking for something that I may have forgotten. I keep wondering what type of grain and minerals I should feed my new girl, so I keep feeling like a pest as I email the breeder for information. Our local farm store doesn't carry much in the way of goat products, and the feed store isn't much better. The guy at the feed store said he might be able to order some for us. It's like searching through the isle of baby food wondering which one to pick. The man said some farmers use calf feed and minerals others use horse feed and on and on.... Anxiety is building along with the anticipation- can't wait to bring the bundles of joys home but worried if we are equipped with enough gear and knowledge.

Did I say bundles, well I guess I need to introduce Chip, Addison's new wether companion. Chip is the chocolate cutie on the right.

As I watched the Commander lug a bale of alfalfa and a bale of straw out to the Blue barn, slipping and sliding in wet 2+ feet of snow I had to suppress a chuckle. We have no fences and will have to keep the babies out in the garden until the ground thaws. The Commander has to shovel the snow out of the garden this weekend and then he set up an igloo dog house for the goats to hide in. They will reside in the now repaired blue barn at night - that is until the snow clears and then a new building will be set up for them to live in. Here's hoping the bears stay clear.


  1. I think you will really like your new goats. You couldn't have chosen a better breed for your first goats.
    I actually feed a horse feed which is pretty darn close to goat feed. They don't need much, especially the wether. Mostly just a good quality hay and a little bit of grain.
    Have fun!

  2. Hi, Thought I'd put my 2 cents in too, regarding what to feed your goats...which you must have by now and are getting acquainted. I am actually an acquaintence of Goatgirls, here in Washington St.
    She is right about the good quality grass hay, not alfalfa, as it is too rich. I don't feed any grain at all, as mine tend to get too fat on it although a little as a treat now and then won't hurt them. Also a good, loose mineral just for goats not sheep is essential. This can be given free choice or as much as they want and of course always fresh water. You can also give them bits of fruits and veggies and goats LOVE peanuts. No need to shell them! But not too many! Oh and raisins are a favorite too!
    Good luck with your new goats, you will have alot of fun with them! Chris

  3. Thank you for the wonderful comments and advice. I will definitely try out the peanuts.

    The previous owner was using horse feed, so I am going to try it as well. I have a bale of alfalfa that I was told the wether could not have, so far little Addison only nibbles at it.

    Addison burps a lot, is that normal?

    I hope to have an update soon, I have been very busy getting her situated this weekend.