Monday, November 28, 2011

A Girl and Her Gun

When the Commander took Sara out this morning I was surprised when he came back inside and told me about a black fox that was hanging out in the yard. He claimed that the fox was not afraid of him and just would not be chased away. You can see the foxes glowing evil eyes in the picture above.

I know why the fox was here, he wanted to eat my poor chickens or guineas. I wondered if this was the fox that killed my guinea chicks earlier this Summer. When I took my daughter to school the fox was actually blocking the driveway and wouldn't move when I honked the horn....if my daughter wouldn't have been in the car I may have just run it down then and there.

When I got home the fox was still there so I couldn't let the animals out, something had to give. I called the local Department of Natural Resources office and explained to them that a fox was in my yard and it wasn't showing any fear of humans, I was afraid it may have rabies. The DNR officer told me that if the animal was bothering me that I should shoot it. Does the DNR do anything to help folks out?

I tried to call the Commander by got his voice mail, drat. I called my dad and got his answering machine so I left him this message; "Oh Hell, I was hoping there was someone there who could walk me through how to shoot a gun." I could only imagine what thoughts went through his mind when he got that message.

Fortunately the Commander called back and he almost went into shock when I told him I wanted him to talk me through loading the shotgun. I located the gun and he described the various kinds of ammunition that I had to choose from. He suggested some target ammo to scare the fox off but I told him the fox had to go so I grabbed some slugs.

He described the safety, the sliding mechanism, and I figured out how to load....after a bit of trial and error and a few shells laying on the ground.  I was ready to go.  No way I was going to let a rabid fox kill any of my precious animals.

I went out to the woods and there he was, glowing evil eyes and all. I raised the gun to my shoulder, took aim, and wondered how much of a kick this gun had. A few breaths later I fired.......miss! I figured that the fox would run off after my near miss and the loud noise but he didn't, this fox was not acting normal at all.

Mister fox moved off to the left a bit so after I reloaded he was going to be toast. I now had the feel of the weapon, I took steady aim, took a deep breath and fired.....miss! The fox just looked at me, at this point I was sure he had rabies. Nothing scared him.

At this point I figured I needed to get a bit closer, but not too close. I carefully moved through the woods, cleared the field of fire (I didn't want to shoot a passing car, the house, or one of the barns), and reloaded. I had only brought two slugs and they were gone, I now had only two target shells. I figured that a hit from the pellets would drive him off so I took careful aim and fired once more....miss! Was he wearing a bullet proof vest? I reloaded and fired my last shell.....argh.....missssssss!

I hiked back to the house and called the Commander and asked if he had any suggestions. He directed me to the buckshot ammunition, he said that if I used this there was no way I could miss. So once again I hiked out through the woods, was again amazed that the fox hadn't run off, cleared the field of fire, and reloaded.

The fox was now in a tightly treed area, it would be a tough shot but I was confident. I took aim and fired.....miss! How did I miss using buckshot? The sights on this gun must be off. I had one shot left and now began to worry about possibly wounding the poor creature, I didn't have a hatchet like OFG so I worried that I may have to find a different way to finish him off.

I wiped my brow, reloaded, took a deep breath and fired....Mister fox was down! It took only six shots but I had succeeded. I didn't want to kill the fox but he couldn't just hang around here an kill my animals. The fact that he didn't run off when chased by the Commander, was chased by cars, and was shot at multiple times made it obvious that something was wrong with the poor thing, I think it was rabies.

I called the DNR and asked the officer if he wanted to come collect the animal for rabies testing, in case the county may be in the middle of an outbreak. He told me he wasn't interested but that I should bury the body deep, just in case. The fact that the ground is frozen was lost upon him.....

Below is a graphic picture of the foxes' post mortem. He was a beautiful black fox but it was just too dangerous to let him roam around here.

I'm not happy that I had to shoot the poor animal but I'm proud that I was able to get the job done. This was the first time I even fired a shotgun, so I figure that six shots wasn't too bad.


  1. Hubby showed me how to load a gun 40 years ago. I'd definitely need a "walk through". If the fox wasn't rabid, he had to have been deaf. I'd have tried myself. Good job.

  2. Wow, I would be very upset if I were you that they not only wouldn't help you deal with the fox, but didn't even agree to test it. Some complaint phone calls may need to be made... Do you know if there is an outbreak of distemper or rabies in your area?

    When Koira got bit by a coyote over the summer, I got the crash course in wildlife diseases and was told that no rabies was reported in my area, but that distemper had been found in squirrels.

  3. I'm surprised at how small he he full grown?
    Ours are much bigger.

  4. i love you soooo much!

    in the movies they woulda thrown the gun at him.

    great work defending the boarders baby! and yeah, a tough call but it would have been a worse situation had it not been resolved.

    you'd be a wicked bad a$$ if you used that pelt to make a hat. but you might get rabies and we wouldnt want a crazy girl with a gun on the loose.


  5. I've never seen a black fox before! Actually, I've only ever seen a fox once in my life. When I was 6. That's a long time ago. But still, good job! I wouldn't want any of my family's chickens becoming a fox's dinner!

  6. Great work! I remember the first time I tried to get a possum...Took me about 6 shots, and the stupid thing just sat there and waited for me to get it right. ( I finally did) Now, I can split a hair on a rats butt from 100 ft! LOL Practice makes perfect! Glad you got him, unfortunate as it is, he was pretty, but obviously sick as well.

  7. I just spat oatmeal on my computer screen and peed a little. OMG, was that ever funny. You go girl! Clearly something wrong with it if it let you go back and reload.

  8. Good job! Number of shots doesn't matter. Only that you got him!

    Really freaky that he didn't run off. Had to be sick. I'm glad he's not a threat anymore. :)

  9. RKB - I wish the Commander or someone else had shown me how to load the gun BEFORE I needed it...but I was able to figure it out with a bit of help. A girl will do what a girl has to do.

    KK - I was so disappointed by the DNR's lack of effort. Last year we had a badger move in and the DNR wouldn't help with that varmint either. Badgers are dangerous and I asked them then what would cause them to come out and help...the answer was rabies. I guess that was then and this is now.

    Farmer - He looked big to me, the Commander at first thought it was a coyote because of its size and color.

    OFG - I was thinking of you during this whole evolution. My mom took the pictures and was carrying a shepherds crook to begin the beatdown if the fox decided to charge!

    Wendy - Thank You!

    Tayet - He was beautiful and apparently rare in color. I lost a few foul to fox already this Summer so I wasn't going to let it happen again.

    Heavens Door - I was determined to get the job done so if it took 6 shots or 20 I was going to finish. I hope to get some target shooting in and a gun safety class...just in case.

    Christine - It was a little embarrassing but I figured some o the readers may take a positive lesson away from my flailings.

    Rae - He wasn't in his right mind, and I'm not quite sure if I was either!

  10. Awesome job!!! I totally expect to see you wearing a black fox fur hat in the future :)

  11. Stace - If I wasn't afraid of rabies I just might have.....

  12. well done! For the first time - 6 shots is darn fine. And I agree, if he didn't high tail it out of there on the first one, something's wrong.

  13. Good job protecting your family!

  14. David - I will certainly do better if there is even a next time.

    Teresa - That they are, thank you Teresa.