Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Emergency, Emergency Food Supply

The sheep ate all the foliage in the areas that we had fenced in for pasture, so we moved them out into to lawn via portable electric fences. Once they ate all that the lawn had to give we needed to move them somewhere else, but it had to be outside the fence line, what to do? We bought some snow fence and rolled it out into woods to give the girls more brush to devour.

See their smiling faces? (Left to right: Jeepers, Kadydid, and Gardenia)

The tall brush didn't last too long, but every little bit helps. Kia seem to like it just fine.

Gardenia enjoying a sapling and some long grass. Next year we are going to increase our fenced in area, and boy are we going to need it.

Ps: In case anyone was wondering where I have been my parents came for a visit and I have been too busy to get on the computer. I plan on reading up on my favorite sites tonight and look forward to posting all the stuff that has been going on around here.


  1. Yes, those goats can defoliate acreage very quickly. Great job, if you need to clear brush away.

    I wondered where you'd been! Glad all is well. :o)


  2. Your sheep are beautiful! I love their smiles! And I love their names! I know what it's like to be too busy to blog; I've recently been really busy, but my mind is on my blog friends, even though I don't always have the time to visit their blogs!


  3. Faith, Everyone here is amazed at how quickly the goats and sheep have cleared the property. The compliment each other perfectly and we will definitely need more land fenced off for them next year.

    Lynn, Thanks for stopping by - I left a question for you over at your blog concerning guineas. I love the diverse and rich colors of our sheep.

  4. Good post. I like it. Your goats are very beautiful.

  5. Solution, Thank you for stopping by and commenting - hope to see you again.