Monday, May 9, 2011

New Lamb

It has been crazy around here lately, I haven't had time to do anything. My 4 year old niece is visiting for a few weeks and she is really enjoying the animals. I had her outside today when the neighbor came over and told me that they had a bear in their backyard last night and it tore up all their bird feeders. That made sense as yesterday evening three guineas decided to spend the night outside the coop and started going crazy around midnight. I went outside with the flashlight and heard something - thankfully I didn't wander into the bear!

I had a full schedule today and at lunch time when I went out to feed the sheep I discovered that Kia had given me a new ewe!

Kia is the most wary of all my sheep, she always keep an eye on anyone intruding on the flock.

Kia's lamb was cleaned off when I found her but she looked so weak compared to the rest of this years lambs. Kia seemed more intent on dodging away out of reach than in protecting her little ewe. The lamb weighed 5.5 lbs but just didn't seem to be feeding, I am really worried for her.

I checked her later and she was still lethargic so I decided to thaw some goats milk (with colostrum) and try to feed her a bottle. She sucked it right down. When I checked on her this evening she seemed a little stronger but was still unsteady on her feet. A second bottle was drunk dry, and more importantly Kia seemed more protective than this afternoon. I hope this means she is getting her mothering legs under her and will take over the feeding chores. I have more goats milk in the refrigerator - just in case.

I haven't picked a name for this little girl yet, but her markings are very unique. She has strawberry colored wool with white patches and stockings. The pictures are not great because they were taken in the barn.

Note the black patches around her eyes, she is a cutie. Three guineas are outside again tonight and I didn't see a bear when I checked on the sheep after Dancing With the Stars.

ps. OFG wanted pictures of the goats watching Dancing With the Stars but the new lamb delayed those pictures until next week.


  1. It really has been crazy lately here too. I hope your mom starts feeding her little lady. So cute!

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! She's beautiful. Dang, you guys really make beautiful babies over there. I'm so glad she's doing better. Great thinking on the colostrum - where'd you learn that?
    Congrats on another successful birth. :-) :-)
    What's an OFG?

  3. Congrats on the adorable little lamb! I've got one who is related and similar in coloring, but she's not quite as colorful as your new baby girl!

    Getting Kia's colustrum into baby is best. Though I do (really and truly!) understand the concern about little or weak babies. I don't know what caused that, and can only think that Kia is your youngest ewe, and/or baby didn't bake long enough? Either way, she should do better next year. Kia's dam gave us nice sized twins this year.

    I posted about bottles this evening, and the phone pictured and mentioned in the posts is only there because I'd just finished speaking with your husband about said lamb while out in the pasture. : ) I hope that bear doesn't come back! And it sounds like The Commander thought things were going well with new baby.

    Call me when you can! I know you've been busy, but I've got lamb info to trade with you! : D

    ~ Ronda

  4. What a cute girl. I will keep fingers crossed that she continues to get stronger. We are watching DWTS right now (I'm on the west coast). I'd love to see the goats watching it...

  5. She's great! I was worried about my last two, but Minnie has finally gotten the idea of being a mom.... and now the two are running all over the pasture.

  6. Congrats on the newest addition!
    Sometimes the moms know the lamb is weak and will not take care of it,if the mom is showing more interest you've done a good job helping the little one come around.
    Wishing you all the best for this sweet little girl.

  7. Wow..she is gorgeous!!! Congrats on a new addition....glad Kia's starting to "get" it...sometimes these first timers take awhile.

  8. Teresa - It seems like I am running around with my hair on fire, I haven't had time to read any of my favorite blogs this week! The lamb is doing much better today, now I need to pick out a name...

    Danni - I read somewhere that folks use goats milk for all kinds of animals so I froze some for a just in case moment, and here it is!

    What is an OFG? You are really missing out if you haven't experienced "Adventures in the Good Land!"

    Ronda - Thanks for being there for me, your advice really helped. I'm headed over to read your post right now and will call you soon.

    RHJF - We don't watch much TV here but the Commander is rooting hard for Heinz Ward. The goats will get their chance to watch next week.

    Nancy - Kia is doing much better today and the lamb looks a lot stronger. I'm thinking Kia was in shock about the whole thing and her fear of us humans didn't make things any better.

    Farmer - That is an interesting point I had not heard before, I'm hoping the mother instinct has finally kicked in. The lamb looks much better today than she did yesterday.

    Stace - It is really nice to have some diverse colors in the flock, this is one little ewe I want to hang on to.

  9. promises.. promises..well there is always next week. do the goaties have their own score paddles? hee hee hee don't you hope that Ralph is gonna win? or you are still for Hines?

    so is she gonna be "Shortcake" for her strawberry markings!? she's adorable!

  10. OFG - The goats know who the winner will be but I had to hide their paddles, the Commander started paying too much attention to them!

  11. OFG - Hines? I was calling him Heinz (I was wrong of course).

    I have decided to name here Avalon, or Ava for short.