Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Difference Between Goats and Sheep

Goats and sheep have totally different reactions to being around people. If you go into the goat pen the goats swarm around you actively seeking out attention. Here Lil'Man shows off his rock climbing skills.

The sheep tend to stay just out of reach when I go into their pen, they will seek out food but don't want to be touched. The lambs tend to stay very close to their mothers, Alma always stays near her mother Jeepers.

If I want to weigh or give Albion a shot I have to scramble to catch him, he can't be lured using food as bait. To get the goats I just walk in to their pen and they rush right up to see me. If I have any food or treats handy I risk being trampled in a goat hoof stampede.

When I gave the animals their CDT shots it was a real challenge to catch the sheep, but once caught they stopped struggling and barely reacted to stick of the needle and subsequent injection. Azalia just sat calmly in the Commanders arms as I gave her a complete physical, oddly calm.

The goat boys were easy to catch and hold, but screamed and screamed when stuck with the needle. They squirmed and struggled to the point that it took several attempts to give them their shots. The trauma didn't last long because once the injection was finished they wanted to be held again while the sheep bolted for their mothers once put down. Alexander can sure make some loud noises for a little kid!

I banded both goat boys today, no pictures were taken as it required all hands to get the job done. They are on day 2 of weaning as well, lets just say I have heard a lot of goat crying the last few days.


  1. Sounds like you have been a busy girl. Those are some awfully cute babies!

  2. I have to chuckle at this. I don't know anything about sheep, but you describe goats perfectly! Minnie is such a baby about getting a shot that she'll yell and drop to the ground. She can still nibble on the hay between screams, but she can't stand up. LOL

  3. Someone forgot to tell our Suffolk ewes that sheep keep their distance. Mine swarm all over me. Nothing quite like the feel of soaking wet wool from an Oregon rain smooshing into your leg to wake you up in the morning. However, if someone new comes to visit, they won't come close to us. I love to feed then... I love goats, they are such lil' clowns, but they are smarter than the dickens, which is why we don't have 'em any more.

  4. Those goats are too cute. I think it must be a conspiracy of some sort, as every goat pic I see makes me slightly more ok with the idea of adding goats to our menagerie. Sheep, on the other hand, just look tasty. My grandma's goat was a lot of fun when I was a kid, and used to sleep in the doghouse with her beagle. Keep postin cute goat pics, and my guy just may talk me into it. :)

  5. So adorable! I appreciate you sharing the little differences in their characteristics. I want to have goats this coming year, so I've been trying to learn everything I can. Your pictures are precious.

  6. I remember giving shots to my goat when he was a baby! It was pretty easy then... but now, even to trim his hooves, we have to make him lay down and then I have to lean on him and hold a leg out for my dad.

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  8. Your goat babies are JUST TOO CUTE! I raise Saanens & Mini-Saanens, so most of my herd are boring ol' white.

    Glad you finished the banding! They'll all be over it before you know.

    Carolyn Renee (Krazo Acres)
    still can't post comments as myself!!

  9. Debbie - It has been too busy around here, I haven't even got the garden ready for planting yet.

    Teresa - I agree, goats are all drama queens!

    Ruth - Goats are smart and worse, they are smart alec's. Goats are always getting into trouble and seeking out mischief, at least the sheep enjoy doing nothing.

    Lana - Goats would thrive on your bush filled land!

    Autumn - My goats for the most part like having their hooves trimmed. I think the fact that they get held in someones arms during the process makes it very enjoyable for them, the hams.

    Carolyn - The banding was terrible, the human males around here didn't like the thought of it either! Not sure why you can't comment but others have alerted me via facebook about this problem as well.

  10. Rae - I missed your comment the first time, sorry. Goats have such great personalities, as you know they are great characters to have on a farm. So many good goat blogs around, c'mon - you want to join them in the fun!

  11. I like to see sheep in a field, but goats are so companionable!

  12. I think it can be summed up as such:

    goats = crazy
    sheep = nuts

    but what we are all wondering is..... Have you tried the goat milk yet?

  13. Mary Ann - I wish I had a field to put the sheep in!

    OFG - I'm, umm, saving the milk for a real good cheese...