Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting in Tune......

One of the themes that Peri from Mud on the Tracks weaves in and out of her farm blogging deals with how as a farmer she began to become more in-tune with the seasons and how differently time marches on through each of them. I thought I knew what she meant at the time, I mean isn't it obvious what happens in each of the seasons?

After now having farmed (sort of) for over a year I think I see a deeper and truer meaning to what Peri was talking about. I now notice more things going on in the farm world around me and sense the ticking clock of natures' cycles. When do I plant and how long till it can be harvested? How long does it take to replenish the grass in an area grazed by sheep? Goats? When do I introduce the breeding groups? How much hay do I need?

All these things reveal the interaction of time, life, and seasonal weather. I can feel time marching on, I have to peer into the future to establish my goals. I don't mean 'in a taping of a Wednesday weekly TV show way', but in a deeper 'feel the force of life way'. Every season has it's own special joy and excitement. Spring brings birthing, planting, and cleansing rains. I love watching the forest and pastures explode in a lush green Summer growth spurt under the hot sun, and this last Fall I enjoyed the harvest and establishing the breeding groups. Even the Winter had its own unique charm, providing a break from the daily grind and yet allowing for a growing anticipation of new life. I so enjoyed watching the pregnant ewe's and doe's bellies slowly grow, imagining the fuzzy little ones to come.

Have you ever looked, I mean really looked at the miracle that we call an egg? Danni over at Critter Farm often discusses how unique each egg really is, I have learned a lot from her musings. Egg production, size, and color ebbs and flows with the season, another previously unnoticed function of time.

I find it interesting to read about time being measured from paycheck to paycheck - really? That seems like a totally foreign way of life. I understand the rationale, but I now see so much more. I think in terms of seasons, of harvests, of genetics and new life, of feed stores and living. Todays culture celebrates youth and living for the moment, but why is it that I can't wait to eat my ripe tomatoes? I can't wait for the Commander to finish clearing the side woods so I can see next years pastures, shouldn't I mourn the lost time? I am so excited to breed Gidgit and see her kids next year, yet won't I be older?

I hope Peri chimes in with her thoughts, what are yours?


  1. Truly it is a blessing to experience the world through its natural rhythms and cycles.

  2. The excitement of looking forward is so much better than the regret of looking back. Enjoy each season as it comes and look forward to new joys to come.

    Age happens wither you are happy or sad about it, so why let it bother you.

    Pamela Jo

  3. I think this is a beautiful post full of wisdom. The seasons change and most of us seem to forget or ignore the miracles that are taking place for a reason. Amazing.

  4. I'm awed by your post! It makes me feel good about being a farmer. It is good to hear these things every now and then to keep your feet going in the right direction.


  5. i live without a good sense of conventional time now. its time to get up when the sun does, evening chores start an hour before the sun goes down - and i never have any idea what day it is.

  6. Teresa - It makes me feel more alive, instead of just living.

    Pamela - That is so true, nothing we can do about aging. There is so much to look forward to around here but I also get to enjoy so much in the present.

    Lana - Yep, miracles happening around here every day so one only needs to open their eyes to see them.

    Leontien - Thank you, I get tired of the chores sometimes but the animals around here give me such joy - makes it all worth while.

    OFG - Sounds like bliss!

  7. I love this post. Those of us that appreciate your insightful post are so blessed to be right there with you in spirit. Those that will not relate to this particular post are SO MISSING OUT. Beautiful post.

  8. Beautiful post. I am always awed by nature around me. It is so breathtakingly amazing. I started my blog years ago to post about the house, but I've found myself awed by nature, by the farm life, and it seems most of my posts are now labeled "nature". Like Pamela Jo said, age happens. I love that philosophy!