Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Azalea is Polled

The lambs got their CDT booster shots today and Ronda will be interested to hear that Azalea is polled! Azalea is the prodigy of Killarney and Gardenia. When I lost Katydid last year (my only polled ewe) I decided to use Killarney as one of the breeding rams because he carried the polled gene - it worked. As a rule Cascade Sheep have beautiful horns but I think the polled girls are very pretty, Azalea may just be one of my favorites.

I had my first Statistics class today so this post will be short as I have homework to get to.


  1. I'm breeding that polled gene into the herd, and next year I'm even going to go for double polled kids! I like that idea much better than disbudding. Good luck with the stats!

  2. and she is lovely! great work on the classes. i'm hoping that you can work in some farm stats - like 97% of the time 35% of your hens will act like they are nuts. stuff like that.
    also wanted to make sure you got my reply - sometimes my emails end up in spam

  3. Beautiful! And you will do great in Statistics, just keep going and make time to do every single problem that you can do because it does make a difference. You have my sympathy!

  4. I used to LOVE statistics - it was one of my favorite classes long ago. It just makes sense if I can figure out the numbers. how was it in class with your son?

    I love Azalea, her wool looks very soft!

  5. Teresa - If I had to disbud the sheep I would have definitely gotten ones that had no horns, I hate that chore.

    OFG - I got your reply and it was wonderful, thank you. This class is going to be a lot of work, as if I wasn't already busy enough......

    Lana - I'm trying to set a good example plus the way I study requires me to do everything!

    Lynn - All the lambs have super soft wool, it is wonderful. We will see how the class works out, at least I have someone to compare homework with.