Sunday, June 19, 2011

Too Busy to Blog!

I have been so busy this past week that I haven't had any time to blog! I had a Statistics quiz and test, I have been milking two goats twice a day, my mother and another one of my nieces came to visit, and I had my daughters normal cheer leading and soccer practices/games....whew!

Things have been busy here on the ole Homestead as well. I decided to let the chickens free range at least once a week, they really enjoy it.

Leopold keeps a close watch on all his girls, calling out whenever he has a special treat to share. While they free range he doesn't even try to attack me like when he is in the coop. I will take small blessings where ever I can find them, it offsets the ridiculous. Twice this week the rams somehow got their horns stuck in the wire fences. I can't believe we were able to get them out as they seemed to do flips to tangle their horns in impossible positions.

The girls love to wander about in the underbrush and flowers, I'm sure this is where some of the egg production has been deposited and lost.

Leopold sticks to the lawn mostly, calling the girls to him when ever he gets spooked are they stray off a bit too far. He does a good job, and he needs to as I had to chase a fox off the property today! One of the Guinea breeding pairs was screaming extra loud today and when I looked outside I saw them on top of the garage roof. This wasn't normal, even for birds as crazy as the Guineas so I grabbed my handy shepherds crook and ran out to check on the situation. Sara had taken up position by the goat barn, she was going to be no help, so I crashed into the underbrush to see what I could flush out. I caught a good look at an orange red fox as it raced off, ugh, this I don't need.

I had the Commander take the goats out behind the garage to eat down the brush, and I told him to "mark his territory" while he was there. Hopefully this will give the fox second thoughts about hanging around my place.

The chickens seem to have so much fun playing in the flowers, too bad for them there will be no free ranging for a while as I think over the fox situation.

I have one Guinea boy who doesn't have a mate so he spends his time with the chickens. At least he isn't sad and lonely. Off to soccer and to do Stat's homework!


  1. not a fox! well. only one thing to do - get an axe, baby!

  2. It really is that time of year that it seems like I will never get caught up with everything. I so wish I could let my chickens out to free range, but they like to come into the yard, and my dogs like to eat chicken.

  3. Statistics. Yuk. Hope the fox stays away or you might end up with a pretty cool fox tail hat. The chickens look great!

  4. OFG - I was thinking that exact thing when I saw it. My next purchase will be a handgun...just in case.

    Teresa - The dogs here may be afraid of the chickens, and the guineas, probably the fox, a sad bunch of canines really.

    Lana - I hope the "marking" chased him off. The guineas are great watch birds, they should keep everyone safe so long as they are in by dark.

  5. i get dibs on saying "Get the 9(mm) baby!".. but if you get a .38 special you'll totally be my hero. hee hee

  6. OFG - My Brother-in-law who is a police officer is visiting in early July, the perfect time to practice with a new 9mm!