Sunday, January 1, 2012

Love Stinks

I have been keeping a close eye on Addison and it looks like she isn't going to come back into heat, I think she has been properly bred!

Seems Maverick has done his job to perfection! The day he arrived Addy was all over him, wagging her tail and flaunting herself.

The girls don't seem too interested in him anymore, in fact they seem to try and stay up wind from him.

Sometimes Love Stinks!


  1. Love the name of your post here...he he! Sorry Maverick! ;)

  2. Great post title! Love sure DOES stink...especially if you're a goat keeper!
    He's sure a flashy buck, can't wait to see the kids from them.

  3. It stinks a whole lot! Glad you're expecting kids! I'm trying to get my guys and dolls together for June babies.

  4. When I saw the title, I knew this had to be a post on a stinky buck :) There is nothing quite like that smell! Glad to hear Maverick has done his job.

  5. Too funny. Hope you have lots of cute little kids.

  6. Pam - The song kind of sticks in my head, like the buck smell sticks in my nose!

    RKB - When I saw that last picture on my camera this post wrote itself.

    Michaele - Thanks, if I couldn't laugh the smell would make me cry.

    Carolyn - I'm hoping he adds some new colors to the herd.

    Teresa - I wish I could wait but Summer is so short here....

    Shannon - It isn't too original but folks who have had bucks know exactly what I'm talking about. If anyone had asked me three years ago I would have had no idea bucks were such stinkers!

    Kim - Thanks, I'm hoping for some quality kids this year - I'm really excited.

  7. Good news :) My buck is out of rut and the does that were going to be bred, bred. I held a lot of them back since this is an off year for us with traveling ahead, so I've only got about four does bred instead of seven. I'm glad to be able to kiss my buck again without smelling like him for days! Looking forward to your kids and wishing for healthy little ones for you!

  8. Luckybunny - I didn't know that buck had a non-stinky season. That would be wonderful. I can't wait to see the kids, the colors are going to be magic!