Monday, January 9, 2012

Molly the Mutant

Molly is a mutant. She has one brown eye and her other eye is 1/4 brown and 3/4 blue.

She has somehow discovered some non frozen soil to dig up, a true miracle in Northern Minnesota in January.

She is growing faster than wet gremlins who are fed after midnight.

...and she has a mutant EXTRA toe on her back foot! It is very odd, loosely attached to nothing but skin and it even has a sharp claw.

Molly tries desperately to herd the cats, Chai Chai is not impressed. Molly will try to get on Chai or Mocha's back and usually gets a "slap" for her troubles. The goats on the other hand don't usually fight back. The Commander reported to me that he caught Molly actually riding up on Mavericks back! I knew it was true because she smelled like stinky goat buck for the next several days.

Patch does not like the new dog at all..."raspberry sound"!

"I thought the dogs were supposed to play OUTSIDE!"

Nope, the floor is littered with dog toys, gloves, shoes, anything Molly can get her mouth on. Sara is going crazy as she started out jealous and is a compulsive retriever. The extra toys and puppy love have poor Sara wound up tighter than the core of a golf ball. It doesn't help that Molly follows Sara everywhere and emulates her every action.  (Note the huge bag of dog food in the background, food consumption has gone WAY up!)

Patch finds the whole thing a bit amusing but he doesn't have time for their frivolity. As the oldest he has to set the example.


  1. She is adorable! I love her colors and markings.

  2. Cute pup, and sure looks like a keeper to me! What more could you want, retriever, herder and companion, plus one who will cause the others to not take things for granted. :-}

  3. hehehe...she is the cutest thing ever!! I <3 Aussies. I love the look on Sara's face too..."OMG!! IT's touching my toys...AGAIN!". Total border collie...My friends BC is on obsessive retriever the point where they took all of her toys away (inside) now she will bring you bits of leaves..or an errant string...and drop it on your knee and stare intently at it. lol

  4. May be a mutant, but a cute one at that. Let us know when the cat-herding is in full swing; that would make a great video!

  5. Adorable puppy and love the big dogs too.

  6. Teresa - Her beautiful markings had me the moment I saw her.

    Stace - Your description of retrieving little pieces of string, leaves, whatever, describes Sara to the T! Molly is driving her crazy by playing with HER toys, sleeping in HER crate!

    Autumn - Not bad for a mutant!

    Carolyn - Molly is lucky that the cats (Chai at least) are playful as I occasionally hear loud thumps of Molly getting smacked with clawless cat paws. Heaven help her if she ever makes Mocha angry....

    Tombstone - Just when I think the house if full we somehow find room for one more, and luckily she "fits".

  7. She is cute as a button! I love that puppy face. Oh I've got puppy fever bad and it's not good - happens every couple of years lol. :) Love the pictures, helped fix my puppy fever, so keep em coming!

  8. Luckybunny - I know what you are talking about. We didn't really NEED a new herding dog to help Sara, but Molly was sooo cute....