Sunday, January 29, 2012


I wasn't feeling too well today so once the morning chores were complete the Commander and I settled in by the wood stove and watched Pollyanna. Pollyanna is one of those classic movies that is great fun to watch even if you have seen it several times before.

Old movies are so fun to watch especially when the story is familiar so one has the opportunity to notice the background and the settings. The old kitchens in the movie were great, I loved the wood stoves and hand pumping sinks. The cars were all classics while the woodwork in the homes was breathtaking. I was just engulfed by the atmosphere, so many frilly dresses, decorative hats, ribbons and bows, when did we as a society stop dressing so nicely?

I was entertained for just over 3 hours watching this movie and there was none of the following; no murders, no gun play, no love scenes or nudity, no swearing, no car chases or crashes, nor any infidelity. I did see (or hear) numerous direct references to God and patriotism, I wonder why movie audiences at the time weren't offended the way that we are TOLD (I don't believe it) that folks would be offended today?

The movie (and book) was so successful that the title became a word unto itself.
Pollyanna — n: a person who is constantly or excessively optimistic

[C20: after the chief character in Pollyanna (1913), a novel by Eleanor Porter (1868--1920), US writer]

Since I'm talking movies, if you enjoyed Pollyanna then be sure to check out Auntie Mame. I will never forget the sick feeling I got when Patrick alludes to Mame that he is embarrassed to introduce her to his snobby fiance. A truly great movie.


  1. Mike and I watched Aunt Mamie not 3 months ago...we LOVED it!! I have been on an older movie kick lately..Pollyanna used to be one of my favorites as a kid...not only is is a great story, but the author lived in the same town as my Grandparents...the library there now has a Pollyanna statue out front! :)

  2. I started to watch Pollyanna, too. My husband asked me to help him paint a fence, so I didn't get to see much. It is a lot of fun to watch old movies. I think we stopped dressing so nicely when it became de rigeur to have two incomes. If no one has time to take care of those elaborate clothes, we end up with wash and wear.

  3. Stacy - What a great reminder for folks in you Grandparents town to be happy! Glad town indeed.

    Nancy - Ha, the Commander was commenting during the movie at how dirty Pollyanna was getting her clothes! We put the movie on DVR so other family members can watch it at their leisure.