Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We got hit with a serious blizzard today that was packing winds gusting to 50 mph and 10+ inches of snow.

We kept the animals in for most of the day but the Commander let them out later in the afternoon so they could stretch their legs. The snow doesn't seem to bother Azalea much.

Lara and Zoe seem more bothered by my taking their picture than by the snow.

I don't normally feed the sheep outside when it is snowing but they didn't really seem too hungry while their food bowl was inside. I read somewhere that sheep have two homes - the place where they sleep and a place where they rest during the day. The book recommended keeping their feed area separate from both resting areas.

More Azalea wearing her "Winter" coat.

Lara blocking the ramp inside...look how wide she is!

The snow didn't seem to bother the giraffe....ops, this is one of the pictures I took in Florida during my trip to Disney.

A shot of the rams totally covered in snow, they actually seemed to enjoy themselves outside during the blizzard.

Of course eating is always job one!

The chickens were tucked away nice and warm until the noon feeding, when I opened the door the guineas started flying around and a few escaped. This meant that the coop needed to remain open so they could get back in. I am really surprised that Leopold went outside due to his frost bite and all.

I built a wind screen under the coop to keep it dry for days like these, it allows the chickens a dry place to escape the guineas and a place for me to put their scratch.

There is always one in every crowd that has to show off how tough they are.

Molly loved playing in the snow, although I discovered later that her lack of height created problems in the house. Seems she collected a lot of little snow balls on her fur and dropped them all over the house and on the furniture to melt.....

Sara would live outside in the snow or with the goats if I let her. Note the huge piece of wood that she wants to play fetch with, she is totally ridiculous.

The goats would never go outside in the snow, in fact when I opened their door to feed them Chip jumped up on the igloo to avoid the cold draft that washed in along the floor. The other day snow melt was dripping off from their roof in front of their goat door to the yard and they refused to go outside because water may have dripped on them. Goats are spoiled drama queens!


  1. Oh, you funny girl. I was showing my husband your cute little goat in the header and telling him about your goats and they have names, etc. I got to the giraffe and said "oh my gosh, she has a giraffe!!" I am still laughing. (75 degrees in Arkansas today - that was not gloating)

  2. I'm glad the Giraffe didn't mind the snow ;) LOL. That was great. I'm amazed you got so much! I really enjoyed all the pics - Molly is a doll. I absolutely agree too - goats are spoiled drama queens! The reason they are afraid of getting wet is because they are made of sugar and might melt :)

  3. I look forward to that type of drama!

  4. Wonderful post! Love your animals!

  5. Acid Rain!! Acid Snow!!! (says the goats)

  6. Don't I know it about goats hating snow... or wind, or rain, or anything but absolute sunshine for that matter! ;)

  7. It's great to see other people get to enjoy winter too!

  8. I love your goats! They are so very cute! I closed my blog for now to focus on other parts of my life, and I really miss all my blogging friends! I only facebook now, and I don't really do that much! And you totally got me with the giraffe pic! I thought, "oh my, I've been gone so long that you went and got a giraffe and I didn't know it!!!" :)

    I just returned from RI to Wash DC. It snowed and sleeted there. It's 65 in DC! I wore 2 coats, gloves, hat and scarf this morning. This afternoon, not even a coat! I love it!

    Good luck with the blizzard. I feel sorry for you with all the cold, as I'm like the goats, I think I'm spoiled!


  9. rkbsnana - I thought the giraffe may get a chuckle or two, it made me feel better seeing the green grass in the picture.

    Luckybunny - They THINK they are made of sugar but I fear they only put on such "airs" because we spoil them so.

    SincerelyRhonda - Goats create silly drama that make having the farm fun, a break from the human kind!

    Rain - Thank you!

    Autumn - That about sums it you know.

    IanH - I prefer a good hard blizzard than several days of rain. We do need the moisture plus the kids got to stay home from school.

    Lynn - I have been missing your posts, as I'm sure many other people are as well. Thanks for posting and I will see you on FB until you return to your blog!

  10. Oh, neat pics... And boy that bit about the goats, one of my friends has given the same description, EW, I might get my feet wet, icky, icky, icky! Goats are hilarious in that respect...


  11. Cat - I think the goats would only be happy if they could somehow learn to levitate above the ground to avoid getting their hooves wet!