Friday, February 17, 2012

Growing Up

Molly is growing up fast, unfortunately she learned to use the stairs the other day. She now "helps" me pick up anything that is left on the floor or is dangling within her reach.

She is a bundle of energy and is a good match for Sara, the two of them exhaust each other as only these kind of dogs can. When Molly first got here she would pant so hard and heavy while sleeping that the Commander thought we needed to take her to the vet. Turns out it was just her growing, growing so fast that her body would shake!

The Mocha and Chai are the big losers in all this as they no longer have anywhere to go to avoid "playing" with Molly.

At night Molly is put into her crate to sleep but whenever she gets tired she runs upstairs and lays on my bed.....when did she learn that?


  1. My goodness she is CUTE! I'm glad ours is only half Aussie. The 1/4 doxie takes over half the time (he's a serious burrower). The neverending Aussie energy is definitely there, though! :)

  2. Yes, I see it is dog posting day. Wonder if we were inspired by the big dog show - that I didn't see. Your dog is beautifully marked!

  3. She is absolutely darling! And she does look like she has been growing like a weed :)

  4. Rae - It is like having a toddler running around here.

    Michaele - I really want to go to see a sheep herding dog show, that would be something to see!

    Luckybunny - The vet tells me she will be larger than Sara the Border Collie, if it is true I'm in trouble.

    Teresa - I love her colors too.

  5. She's beautiful, and growing so fast! Don't worry, she'll grow out of toddler-hood fast enough.

  6. Really? I'm amazed she'll be that big, no wonder she is growing so much. It will be interesting to see what size she finishes at - without rushing the puppy sizes :)

    I forgot to tell you as well that I'm passing along the Liebster blog award to you :)

  7. That is the most beautiful puppy!

    We have had bad frostbite on our birds before, but nothing like Leopold... I hope you don't lose him. Time for those guineas to have their own house!

  8. ADoC - I hope she grows out of it soon as I can't find half my shoes or slippers any more.

    Luckybunny - HA, I just got the Liebster last week (but thank you!). She is so much thicker than our Border Collie Sara if you know what I mean, if she does get bigger she will weigh a lot more!

    Mary Ann - I'm hoping to save up for a guinea house this year but I have so many more needs so the wants may have to wait.