Saturday, February 11, 2012


The Guineas have started bullying the chickens lately, kicking them out of the coop when it is really cold and being general nuances around the food bowls.

Normally I rely on Leopold to be the enforcer to make sure the chickens get their fair share of food and aren't picked on too badly. Unfortunately Leopold has had troubles of his own lately. The cold has given him a bad case of frostbite on his comb and the Guineas have taken to picking at the black parts.

Yesterday I had to go out to the Coop area to rescue poor Leopold from 4 Guineas who were holding him down and picking at his comb (I don't have a picture), there was blood everywhere. I'm keeping a close eye on him and if things get any worse I will have to bring him inside.

When the Guineas stay inside the coop I think they eat the chicken eggs. I can't prove it but for three weeks I didn't get hardly any eggs at all. Next year I'm hoping to get a separate coop for the guineas, I don't like how they bully the chickens.

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  1. Oh, dear, sounds like Leopold is doing not so well... I think your idea for a separate guinea house is a great one. I never thought about the squabbles between birds, but it sort makes sense. Hope his comb heals okay...


  2. I'm so glad that my fellow bloggers share their "not so rosy" views of owning both guineas and chickens as I had always thought I'd like to get both, but am now pretty certain I can probably do withOUT the bullies.

    Congrats on your "Lieb"! :)

  3. I do hate when they pick on each other. The peafowl can be naughty too. Hope Leopold recovers.

  4. Cat - I'm keeping a close eye on him. Leopold is normally the big boss, I never imagined that the guineas would gang up to take charge.

    Carolyn - I really need both as the guineas earn their keep by eating ticks in the non winter months. The problem is that during the winter everyone is too confined and they get on each others nerves.

    Teresa - I can't wait until spring when they can all free range and get away from one another.