Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthing Scorecard

The Commander came inside this morning and said I needed to come out to the sheep barn - now! I arrived to see Zoe nursing two new lambs.

The "dry" lamb was a ram and he was moving very slowly. I figured he was a candidate for a bit of goat colostrum to help get him going, he drank it with gusto.

I decided to name the little ewe lamb "Belle Isle", both she and her brother are jet black. The final tally for birthings this year is; 3 Icelandic ram lambs, 1 Icelandic ewe lamb, 2 Cascade ram lambs, 1 Cascade ewe lamb, 2 Nigerian Dwarf bucks, and 2 Nigerian Dwarf does.


  1. Your farm is just the birthing factory! These latest additions are beautiful!

    Beautiful Island - pretty name. I just went to Italy recently and loved the language. I vowed to learn Italian. Right after I brushed up on my Spanish. And next week I'm heading to Japan, of which I know nothing. Oh well.

    But I digress, the lambs are dolls. Lucky you. However, it does look like you are staying very busy!

  2. Mary Ann - We are overstocked! I didn't include new guineas hatched nor chicks.

    Lynn - Good luck in Japan! The hard part starts now as I have to work with finding places for everyone to go.

  3. What a great feeling to be done for the year knowing you did well. :-)

  4. Teresa - The best thing was that I didn't have any losses, that breaks my heart.