Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tall, Dark Stranger

Yesterday I noticed a new guinea visitor hanging around with the chickens. I could tell he wasn't from around here due to his unique markings. Have you ever seen a guinea with a dark body and a white under belly?

Kia and Ava were intrigued, as was Lucy who decided to spend some time eating lunch with the handsome stranger.

Lara and Zoe took some time away from eating to watch him as well. On a side note Lara and Zoe love watching the chickens and guineas. When the fowl get close to them they actually wag their tails and just stare and stare.

The new guy likes to live dangerously as he spends his nights out in the trees. No one around us has guineas so I have no idea where he came from. The other guinea boys don't like him very much and try to run him off but I think he misses his own kind. I hope he tames up enough to decide to join the others in the safety of the coop at night.


  1. He's awfully handsome! Hope he stays around!

    Btw, we are definitely enjoying our two remaining guineas... These two are the only ones of our original 7 keets that learned to go to the coop at night. :) They aren't nearly as loud as I had expected!

  2. wow what an update! but um.. i bet that new guinea is a spy from another farm. you know what to do.

  3. Rae, As long as we have ticks we are going to have guineas. In the Minnesota Northland that means guineas are going to be a staple here!

    OFG - He is a bit bigger than our other guineas, he almost looks like a duck wearing a guinea disguise or a "guinea suit". I won't be fooled, I saw Men in Black and know those alien tricks!

  4. You have a visiting guinea! How cool! I wish I would have guineas come to me! He's a pied guinea, it's a mixed color scheme. Some people really like those colors; I've only seen them online. That's so odd that none of your neighbors have guineas, but one came to you. Yes, he's actracted to his own kind; poor boy has probably been wondering, and heard your guineas, and is probably so very happy now! If he could only tell his story, it'd be quite a story, indeed! Your guinea boys are quite naturally trying to chase off the new man in town. Hopefully the male guineas will tolerate him and he'll earn a place in your guinea pecking order. I betcha he'll eventually come to sleep with them, too, once he starts being more accepted.

    My guineas just will not sleep inside, they refuse. They only sleep outside, although we have a coop setup for them and would happily close them in if they started roosting in there.

    Good luck with the new boy! I'm excited to hear more about him! You'll have to give him a name now that you can easily tell him apart from all the others!


  5. Lynn - Thanks for the information. He is now called "Rhett" after Rhett Butler. He has gotten a few of the guinea boys to join him outside at night. Rhett has the survival instinct to be quite at night while my boys create a terrible racket. Maybe he is trying to knock a few off so he can have their girls?