Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ram Pasture Progress

The fence is finally up on the pasture connecting to the ram barn. It is lush and green so it is time to let the boys loose.

There are still a lot of ferns growing but the tree canopy has been massively reduced and grass is growing. The fence line cuts off before the girls barn so a frisky boy would have to breach two fences to get to the girls!

Hoss is really enjoying browsing through all the greenery.  The metal fasteners aren't attached to the fence yet so some twine will do for a short period of time.

There are still a few logs that need to be cleared out for either firewood or the burn pile but they can wait, the rams wanted to graze now!

Alder is a bit camera shy.

Killarney has shed his wool wonderfully this year.

This pasture should last for a while.  We need to make sure we rotate them through the front area and then open up the connecting pasture area behind the ewe barn as soon as the fence is ready.

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