Monday, May 16, 2011

Milking Routine

I have finally got the goats into a milking routine. Every morning I let Becca Boo out first and she runs right over to the milk stand to get her grain. Once she is finished she strolls back to the barn and then Addison gets her turn.

Becca would have trotted directly to the stand but Sara got in her way.  After having several milk spills I have learned to keep Sara in the house while the milk process is going on.  I used some of the goats milk today to make mashed potatoes and they tasted great.  I'm one step closer to drinking my first glass, just need to find some Kahlua first!

The sheep are calling because they get a bit of grain once the goats are finished, it is really loud at my place in the mornings.


  1. There's nothing better than goat's milk on the morning cereal! Isn't it great the way they get into a routine including the milking order.

  2. Teresa - It is much harder AND easier then I imagined.

  3. Isn't it awesome when the routine gets going and your animals become trained like this? Such a cute goat! The run straight for the milking stations was cracking me up and as she began running up the deck stairs, I was laughing even harder!! I like your setup!!

    Lana at Farm Life Lessons

  4. Lana - This is the setup until I can get a milking building, it really helps that the goats are cooperating.