Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bad Ideas

Have you ever seen a disaster in the making yet you couldn't convince your significant other of the error in their ways? The Commander can't mow the side of the septic mount because of the slope so he figured he would fence it off for the rams to eat. He couldn't drive fence posts into the mound itself so he figured he would build a snow fence barrier.

The support for his fence line designed to keep four full grown rams in was made up of twine, a soccer rebounder, a few tree limbs, a lawn chair, and three tin sheets.

Even Hoss thought; "You can't be serious, don't you notice that I'm a 120 pounds plus Icelandic ram?" Hoss broke through the "fence" in less than 5 minutes. Having not learned his lesson the Commander "re-secured" the fence with a bit more twine. I tried to tell him....

The next thing I knew I heard the Commander crying for help outside. When I got out there I found him on one side of the fence pushing and Hoss on the other side doing the same. Hoss had four legs and a leverage (and intelligence?) advantage, but fortunately for the Commander I was able to lure Hoss back behind the real fence using a grain bin.

Really Sara?  You couldn't find a better stick to play with?

Over at Krazo Acres Carolyn has a wonderful link to the Tale of Vent Kitty, it is a wonderful read!

Finally a quick video of two of my nephews playing a piano duet, they amaze me.

My Nephews Playing Piano


  1. There is no point in putting a whole bunch of money out up front until you are sure it's a good idea and workable. He was trying to be frugal!

  2. Oh, you know, I truly enjoy it to much when things backfire on our wonderful men. Eventually they will learn, well, maybe...

  3. Oh Chai that is too funny ............... There are a few items there that I have never even thought of for fencing ...

  4. Ian - Frugal? He It seems a bit more hillbilly to me!

    Ruth - I admit he was trying, but maybe he should try a bit LESS harder.

    Tombstone - I guess he was making do with whatever was handy, and that was the problem.