Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Day with the Goats

Sunday was a beautiful day so when its nice I like to let the goats out of their pen and into the forest to browse. Becca Boo's boy Dominic is getting very big.

It is like a jungle in the woods right now, the Nigerian's must feel right at home.

Becca Boo enjoying a few leaves from a tree.

Addison enjoying some tall grass.

I wish I could just let them out by themselves but I'm afraid they will wander over to the neighbors yard and eat their garden and flowers.  The Commander has promised me he will put up a fence in the goats side of the forest so I can let them out on their own....we will see.

Mia and Emma are getting bigger but they are still just the size of cats.  Can you see Emma's wonderful chocolate coloring? (bottom)

Chip loves stealing drinks of coffee and pop, the stinker.  This morning he knocked my coffee over in the barn and licked it up off the floor.  He he just spilled some Mountain Dew the Commander was drinking.  He is licking up the drops.

Can you see the black in Addison's coloring?  When her hair grows out she goes completely brown, I'm surprised every Spring when I shave her to see the black again.

I just love how colorful the goats are, such variety.


  1. I wish we had our fencing set up so we could let the goats out to browse in the woods. I'm sure your herd loves all those DE-licious munchies in the forest.

  2. Carolyn - The goats now scream at me every time they see may begging to be let loose in the forest. Hay just isn't doing it for them anymore (unless it is raining).

  3. What fun! Are your goats pretty faithful about following you? Our fence is not completed yet, so I'm hesitant to let the goats roam free, and we do have lots of brush that the goats could enjoy.

  4. Mary - They do a good job of listening but I also have Sara to round them up, without her I would be hesitant to let them loose.

  5. Hey kids! Love these pictures :)

  6. Luckybunny - They are tame when compared to all your "bear" pictures!