Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy White Friday!

 It snowed last night, hard!  It is still snowing.  The snow blower got its first run of the season and we had to salt the driveway as well, yuck.  Happy White Friday!

It was also moving day as the sheep breeding groups were established.  Kia and Avalon were not very excited to see Killarney.

 Killarney on the other hand was very excited to see them!  He was all tongue wagging this and lip curling that - I guess that is supposed to be attractive for sheep.

 The chickens were less than impressed.  So unimpressed were they that most of them refused to leave the coop at all today.  I'm sure the 21* F temperature and -1* F windchill didn't have anything to do with it.  I had the Commander put some extra food and water inside the coop tonight to make sure they get an opportunity to eat something.

 Juliette and Diablo spent the day outside picking through all the food the chickens didn't eat.  This will be Juliette's third Winter so she knows what to expect at least.

 With the rams joining the girls little Bablo needed a place to stay so he is moving in with the goat boys.  I'm sure the smell won't have any impact the quality of his wool.  I saw Bablo trying to itch his belly on a few of the girls so it definitely time for him to find other quarters. 

 I hate going into the pens when the rams are mingled with the girls, I just don't trust them.  The girls don't seem very trusting either as of yet.  The Commander had to bribe everyone with grain to get them into their barns for the evening.

 Laura is used to being the boss so the move to the ram pen to join Hoss has her very agitated.  She is still bigger than him so this will be an interesting situation to monitor.

Poor little Azalia has to be in with Hoss as well because Killarney is her father.  She has never been away from her mother Gardenia so I'm going to have to watch her closely for signs of excessive stress.


  1. Oh my goodness, it's like Peyton Place at your house!

  2. Mary Ann - Poor Bablo keep s calling and calling, so much drama for a small place.

  3. Looks like fun playing in the snow! Although 21F is pretty cold!

  4. Wow did you get snow! It's always difficult when you have to split up grounds for breeding, everyone gets frustrated and confused... Hopefully Azalia will be alright...

  5. ONOTW - Too early for snow in my opinion, it was 3* yesterday morning and 12* today - yuck!

    Luckybunny - I'm thinking Azalia is getting along better than all the other girls as she at least isn't being rounded up or chased around!