Sunday, November 4, 2012

Romeo is Here

Romeo is here to do some fraternizing with the girls!  He will begin "courting" Addison, Gidget, and Pebbles this coming week.

I know he will be a Gentleman at all times.  He is such a handsome and friendly buck, just a pleasure to have around.  His coloring is unique and it will be interesting to see how it blends with the girls'.


  1. He is a handsome young buck with a winning smile. Hope he gets the job done. ;)

  2. I love his coloring. He is very handsome. I love goats, and when we get our second area fenced I'll be a getting a wether to hang out with our Suffolk ram. One thing about goats though, is I can almost smell that "bucky" smelle through Romeo's photo.

  3. " just a pleasure to have around" *writes that down so when the stanky-ness happens OFG can remind Chai Chai that she actually wrote it.*

  4. Mary Ann - He really is!

    Kelly - I'm counting on him, there is no second string available.

    Ruth - He isn't too bad yet and he has had a few breeding session already under his belt. Maybe he won't be too bad?

    OFG - The Commander say he can't smell a thing, I can but it isn't too bad. One thing about his is that he was a bottle baby so giving him medication is a dream - he just sucks everything down that I present to him! I may regret it if he gets too "whiffy".

  5. He is very pretty. It will be very exciting to see the color markings of the babies next year!

  6. Lynn - Every goat in my herd is completely different, it should be interesting to see how things turn out.