Monday, November 19, 2012

Return from Freezer Camp

The rams have returned from Freezer Camp!  I sure hope the family likes mutton.

My new freezer is full of the following:  leg and rack of lamb on the top shelf, lamb chops on the second, roasts on the third, and ground lamb on the bottom.  I estimate we have about 60-70 lbs on ice so it is time to start looking up recipes!


  1. *OFG runs up with a fresh ham slung over her shoulder.....* hey how about a legga lamb! mutton! :-D

  2. What % meat did you get on your rams? How old were they? PD or other?

  3. I wanna know how it tastes! Must feel good to have all that meat in the freezer.

  4. OFG - I wish!

    Carolyn - I think we got just under 50%. They were going on three so the taste is going to be different than a first year lamb, but I hope still good. I'm not sure what PD means?

    Luckybunny - Lamb chops tonight so I will let you know.