Sunday, November 25, 2012


Killarney is doing something very odd, he is rounding up the three girls in his pen and moving them up against the back fence as far away from the other barns as possible.  So whenever I go out to see them they are all standing in the back forty away from shelter, food, and water. 

Is he concerned about little Bablo in the pen next to his?  Bablo sits by the fence and cries and cries to rejoin the flock.  I don't think he likes sharing space with the two goat boys.

On the other end of the property Laura paces the fence line and calls to the other girls.  She completely ignores Hoss' attentions so she and Azalia at least get to eat and drink.

The Commander brought Killarney and the girls into the barn just after noon and stalled everyone with food and water, but we aren't going to get much breeding done with this arrangement.

How do I fix this?  Do I move Bablo in with the girl goats?  Will Killarney get over his obsession? 


  1. How strange, and I know nothing about breeding, so can't offer an opinion! I hope things come out okay.

  2. Sounds like he's being extra possessive. I'm assuming because of Bablo? Someone is worrying him, or he's just being bossy which is possible too. I would try moving Bablo, just too see what happens. That's the best I can offer. It is frustrating because you can't have things continue like that. Have you tried anything yet?

  3. Mary Ann - I can't wait to get the boys back in their own pen!

    Luckybunny - I think he is worried about Bablo so I may move him in with the girl goats. This is ridiculous.

  4. They have such crazy ideas and their jealousy runs wild and possessiveness... oh the joys of breeding males! Hope moving Bablo works.

  5. Luckybunny - I hate this time of year, the rams are extra crazy! Thank goodness the only thing the goat boys do is smell.