Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cooped Up

The chickens and guineas are big enough for us to move them out of the garage hatchery and into the coop. The coop compound consists of; one Amish built chicken coop, dog kennel panels, chicken wire, and bird mesh (over the top of everything.

We added 12" of chicken wire around the bottom to discourage the fowl from trying to squeeze out, as well as hopefully slowing down anything trying to get in. We used black outdoor zipties to attach the wire to the panels. Black is supposed to reduce brittleness due to UV damage.

Addison checks out the construction work and approved. On a sad note Addison's last date of possible birth was July 4th so it looks like no kids, milk, or cheese this year - drat.

Old railroad ties line areas that have mild uneven terrain, again hopefully to discourage invaders and escapees.

The enclosed area has some wood chips, rocks, and a lot of grass. It is amazing how fast the fowl have mowed down the grass. I wonder if the whole area is going to become a barren wasteland?

The chickens and guineas begin the day in the coop, but not even rain can get them to go back in. How do we train them to go back home for the night? Until they learn we have to go in and catch them and put them away.

The coop area is pretty secure yet yesterday a Lavender Guinea managed to escape and was frantically trying to get back in. Don't they know it is dangerous out here?


  1. I would keep them cooped up for a few days to let them get used to the coop and roost, maybe put their scratch/feed there at dusk... Hope that helps!

  2. I love that coop! Your chickens and guineas are so cute.

  3. Lock them in the coop for about 2 whole days and they should get the hint that it's home and start going in by themselves.

    And your right, they are going to decimate the grass.

  4. The have a feeder and water in the coop, but it is too hot to not let them out during the day. Lets hope that after a few nights they get the picture, if that doesn't work then we may have to try the containment option.

    B2B you are so right, the guineas are really nice looking birds. The royals look like they are going to be fabulous!