Saturday, July 31, 2010


No pictures today, well, because the problem is poo. It seems a few of the sheep have poo that is the consistency of pudding. The color is deep green, no mucus or blood, nor froth. This morning we checked their bottoms and identified two that seemed to be the victims, so they got a dose of Pepto Bismal and Probiotics. They will get the same treatment tonight.

There are signs that a few of the other sheep have very soft poo, so we are keeping a close eye on this as well. The sheep have access to good hay, baking soda, mineral with kelp, and water. They have been in the pasture since Thursday morning, and I am sure that it is significantly different from the pasture of their previous owner, as our pasture is converted woodland and it is a mix of lean grass, saplings, and weeds. It took the transporter five days to get the sheep here, so I am sure they were very stressed by the trip.

Is this possibly normal? Any ideas on anything else we should do?


  1. I"m not surprised, seems the change in vegetation plus the stress would have this effect. But just to be sure, are you on top of coccidia as well?


  2. We are planning on getting a fecal count on Monday if things don't improve.

  3. It sounds like you are keeping an eye on things, and the fecal count sounds like a very good idea, but the stress of a long trip can be pretty hard, so... Just keep them well fed and watered, and here's hoping that it's just a passing annoyance.


  4. Oh, sorry to hear about this... My goats came down with a sudden case of this as well - ended up being they munched on some avocado leaves... I would check over their new field carefully. Good luck! Keep us up-to-date!

    Farmer @