Friday, July 16, 2010


We are making progress on the new sheep barn. This thing is a lot bigger than I expected. We should have no problems with hay storage. The completed building will be 20'x16'.

This thing is going to take forever to paint. It is sorely needed as at dusk this evening we got to listen to a pack of coyotes howl their way through the woods directly behind our house. The sheep will need to be tucked safely away every night, plus the barn will help keep them warm this winter.

It is coming together faster than scheduled, possibly due to unexpected help.

Who knew Chip was so handy with tools?

Addison barking out directions!

The end of a long day of construction.


  1. That's amazing how you've trained those goats to hold up the corner of the barn like that. What a help when it comes to leveling.

    I'm really excited for you, this is going to be great! Love all that storage up in the top floor. It would be nice to have a barn cat in permanent residence up there.


  2. Your barn is looking beautiful! I can't wait to see it finished. :)

  3. I put a current photo of your sheepies on my blog last night! We are heading out to the barn in a few minutes to give them a hoof trim and some wormer.

    We have coyotes out back and hear them howl all the time. They have not breached our fences, so no livestock losses. However, we did lose one of our cats a month or so ago. : ( I'm hoping some 2 legged predator fell in love with him and took him home, rather than the ugly alternative. We miss him greatly.

    ~ Ronda