Monday, February 28, 2011

Graining Sheep

I'm trying to get the sheep to be a little bit more friendly before they lamb so I now sit down with their grain bowl at night so they have to get close to me to eat.

Gardenia is the least skittish of them all so she has no problem getting close to me.

She will get close, but not too close.

Jeepers sure looks different close up.


Whoa Jeepers, not too close!

I'm not sure if this will make them any more friendly but it sure is fun seeing them up close for a change.


  1. They look so dainty close up! I didn't realize Jeeper's coloring was so pretty, either.

  2. I can't help but notice that Jeepers still does not have her tiara.
    And did I ever tell you about my pet sheep, Savannah? She thought she was a dog and would run after our two pups as they ran into the house. She never understood why the screen door would shut *just* as she was about to run through. :-)

  3. Oh it will help, they might not want to snuggle all the time, but even my jumpy ewes will come for grain and stand still while I touch them etc - even if they don't really like it :) They just can't help themselves! I love your sheep names, so cute.

    I'm trying to remember, when are your lambs due?

  4. Autumn - Jeepers only coloring is on her face, I had to look twice to make sure that picture was actually of her.

    Farmgirl - The search for the tiara is on! I can only wish my sheep were half as friendly as that.

    Luckybunny - The lambs (if there are any) should arrive any time after April 1st, at the same time as the kids!

  5. I do the same thing with my fainting goats. They are so skittish. They will come close to me and eat but only the buck and a non-fainting nanny will take a cookie from my hand. I think they are spreading rumors about me to keep all the cookies for themselves.

  6. Debbie - I have learned the hard way that you can't trust them there goats. I was told to try animal crackers on the goats, I just need to hit the store first!

  7. I do so love their eyes. The close-up shots are great. I never did manage to mellow out my most skittish ewe - even when she was in a lambing pen for about 4 weeks with her first lamb, and I had to hold her to let the lamb nurse at first. I would give her chest rubs and grain and try to get her more comfortable but as soon as she was out of that pen, she would not come near me again. Sad. I hope you have good success with yours!

  8. Are you planning on milking the sheep at all or is it all for the lambs?

    If you do milk, then I highly suggest you try to start getting em up on the milk stand and eating their grain there. Waiting until the day you actually want to milk them is not a good idea. Trust me :p

    And if you're not milking them... ignore me.

    Either way, awesome photo's all over your blog, I love em.

  9. Claire - My hope is if I can't get the mothers to be friendly I will work on the lambs. I can only get close through the use of grain, that just won't work in the long run.

    ANF - The Commander wanted to milk them but they are just too skittish right now. I think the 2nd generation is our only hope. This year I am going to work on milking the goats!