Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sheep Talk

Kia is a very attractive sheep.

Orchid, "They always take Kia's picture, she is such a ham."

"I'm not a ham, I'm photogenic!"

"Gardenia, quit smiling you'll only encourage her."

"No one pays ole Jeepers any attention because I have a broken horn."

"Come stand by me Jeepers, I'd like a picture of us together."


  1. How cute they all are!! Poor Jeepers and his broken horn--poor baby, he is still gorgeous. I swear Gardenia really is smiling--that is so sweet :)
    Would love for you to join us for Farm Friend Friday :)

  2. I think short horns make for a more interesting story. Carry your head up high Jeepers!

  3. What a cute post. Your sheep really are very nice looking.

  4. Verde - I'm in. (Jeepers is a girl)

    Millie - Thank you, Jeepers is the flock queen so her place is secure.

    Teresa - I think so as well, I can't wait to see how the lambs turn out.

  5. Ohhhhh, I ♥ Jeepers! (and it's not just because I always root for the underdog.)
    I think Jeepers has a beautiful face with a very regal nose. Jeepers totally needs a tiara - then the others would respect her more.

  6. Oh they are beautiful-mine were Shetlands-and my little black one named Midnight-lost one horn-cause boys will be boys whether sheep or people or anything!! we called him our unicorn after that!! Lambs are the best!!

  7. Farmgirl - Now I have to go find a tiara, you may see a picture.

    Rain - The Shetlands are more friendly. I would love to see a picture of Midnight.

  8. I'd totally send you one, however I'm not sure I've passed that level of the security check yet.
    Perhaps we could ask The Commander?

  9. Farmgirl - You are already in, but I think we may have a tiara already laying around here somewhere.

    Kelsie - Thank you so much for stopping by, hope to see you again.

    Buttons - The sheep are very skittish, getting good pictures of them isn't always easy.

    Crazy - Thank you I agree! Thank you for stopping by, I don't know too much about sheep so I'm headed over to your place to read up.

    Jennifer - Thanks, that Kia is a handful.

  10. Oh, that Kai. I just want to give her a handful of hay and a head scratch!

  11. Autumn - Some day I hope she calms down enough that I can scratch her as well.

  12. This post brought a big smile to my face! So cute!

  13. Luckybunny - Thank you, they make me smile every day.

  14. Jeeper's fleece is very pretty! I started with some pretty crazy girls and now have some VERY tame sheep ;) It can be done!

  15. Shannon - I hope they can be tamed, or at least their lambs.