Sunday, March 13, 2011


Friday a box that I had been waiting on arrived, the delivery man told me he was surprised at how heavy it was.

Inside were my supplies for the goats and sheep.  They kids and lambs are due to arrive at the end of the month so the supplies got here just in time.

The goat minerals are in the back.  Last year I had problems with copper deficiency as the mineral the local feed store sold just wasn't cutting it.  A bag of ammonium chloride for urinary tract health.

Milk filters, a strainer, cleaning soaps, and storage caps.  If I can get enough milk I want to try and make some cheese this year.  This gear will allow me to store and freeze the milk until I get enough for the recipes.

An ear tattoo kit for the kids ears.  I got my number from the American Dairy Association last week so I got the impressions ready.

A dehorner to burn away the kids horn buds.  I'm not looking forward to doing this but a friend of mine will be coming over to teach me how to do it correctly.

Udder balm, disinfectant, and wash to make sure the milking goes well.  I have never milked anything before so this should be interesting.

The teal ball to the left can be used to clear little mouths and noses, the red nipples can attach to the clear bottle or to plastic pop bottles.  Some drench and vitamin paste for the newborns.

My thermometer stopped working so a new one was needed.  I'm happy to finally have some activated charcoal as my goats have made a habit of eating plants that could prove to be poisonous.  Last year thay ate some rhubarb and I had to give them crushed charcoal, not very easy to get into their system.  I ordered some needles that are shorter than the ones I got last year, I hope this makes the shots easier to administer.

Everything gathered together, I'm ready to go!

Silly as it may seem this is my favorite purchase, a bin to hold their minerals and baking soda.  Everything I have put up for the so far has been broken or spilled, I hope this changes things.


  1. Looks like you are redly. Bring on the little ones.
    I can't wait to hear about your milking experience.

  2. You look very well prepared,you can't beat that type of nipple,they are the best.
    One thing I noticed you don't have is a ewe spoon..have you ever needed one before?
    Very exciting,we are expecting lambs at the same time,happy lambing!

  3. It looks like you are ready to go! I'm waiting on my order of herbal wormer and a new milk strainer. Glad you reminded me that I need to check on it.

  4. great work! and really - the disbudding (for us) was totally no big whoop.

  5. TJL - I can't wait to see how it goes either.

    Farmer - This is the first kidding and lambing I will ever have been a part of, I just wanted to be prepared. I never heard of a ewe spoon before so I'm going to look it up now.

    Teresa - I think I'm ready but I am really nervous. I read about such tragedy on the Goat Spot that I just want everyone to be safe.

    OFG - Thanks, I just am worried about hurting the poor babies. I need to do it right to avoid scurs, they can be nasty.

  6. You are well prepared! WOW your first kidding and lambing, so exciting! It's scary, I've been so lucky so far with avoiding major problems, hopefully that continues and you don't have any major troubles either. I'll be anxious to see the babies on your blog!

  7. I love it when it all comes in and I feel all prepared. Sending happy thoughts your way for a happy kidding!

  8. Oooh, I *love* packages like this. You are well prepared now, aren't you! This is very exciting.

  9. I can't wait to see the girl's kids!!

  10. A ewe spoon is for prolapse,I wish on my first lambing someone would have told me,I lost the ewe,the vet could do nothing,a simple 3$ plastic ewe spoon would have saved her.
    It just keeps everything from being pushed out,I hope I'm not scaring you but I wanted you to know just in case...

  11. Luckybunny - I think I'm ready, I just hope I'm as lucky as you at avoiding problems.

    RHJF - Thanks for the good thoughts maybe they will help stop me from fainting!

    Farmgirl - Even though I knew what was inside it was exciting, few things are better than farm shopping.

    Autumn - Stand by for posting pictures!

    Farmer - After reading up on the gory detail I think I may quick get a ewe spoon. What do you think of the harness that hooks up with it?

  12. That is a lot of equipment! Don't forget the camera. I am looking forward to lots of pictures.

  13. I don't have a harness, I believe it is used if you don't plan to have a vet do stitches...

  14. Farmer - We have looked and looked for a vet that will treat goats and/or sheep here with no luck. The only doctoring around here will be done by me, gulp!

  15. I love boxes like that! You don't have to have the harness for the spoon. Since your girls will be in full fleece, you can tie the spoon to the wool. A good thing to have and hope you never need to use it! A couple other things are latex gloves, long plastic gloves in case you need to assist in a birthing, and lube. More things that are nice to have on hand and hope to never use ;) I can't wait to see all of your babies!

  16. Shannon - Thanks for the extra info on the spoon, I wasn't sure if the harness was needed or not - plus the small size of my sheep may make the harness difficult to use. I have gloves and lube but I hope they aren't needed!