Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time for Sheep CDT Shots

The supplies arrived just in time as I think Jeepers (left) and Gardenia (middle) are about two weeks away from their delivery date. Two weeks prior to the birthing is when I wanted to give the girls their CDT shots. Jeepers was very heavy with lamb(s) as was Gardenia. This is the second lambing for Jeepers so I'm hoping for twins, I think as a first timer and for how round she is Gardenia is going to have a one large lamb. I am told first timers almost never twin.

We took this opportunity to not only give the girls shots but to also trim their hooves and administer some knit killer. Kia didn't enjoy the process one bit. She had a little belly but no where near as big as Jeeper's or Gardenia's, since she is also a first timer I can't tell if she is pregnant or not. An examination of her udder told me nothing, I'm not sure if sheep bag up like goats or not prior to lambing.

Orchid is our smallest ewe and she too showed no overt signs of pregnancy. She had a little tummy but nothing that struck me as an obvious pregnancy. I talked with the breeder and she said that some first timers barely show, I hope she is right. Maybe Orchid and Kia were impregnated later in the season, Lord knows Alder (Wild Man) did his darnedest to hold up his part of the bargain.


  1. wow! those sheeps are the beez knees! great work!

    "Jane says
    I'm done with sergio
    He treats me like a ragdoll
    She hides
    The television
    Says "i don't owe him nothing,
    But if he comes back again
    Tell him to wait right here for me or,
    Try again tomorrow"
    - Jane's Addiction

  2. They are all so pretty! Can’t wait to see their beautiful babies either.
    Keep us updated :)

  3. I can hardly wait to see your little ones.

  4. Our ewes are due on April 7th,two have extremely large amounts of milk,one is a first timer,enough to overfill both hands.
    My other girls all have huge bellies and no milk in sight yet,it all depends on the ewe.
    I have not ever had multiples from a first timer either.
    A farmer here in NS had their ewe on her third lambing give birth to quintuplets last week!!!
    Wishing you a happy lambing :)

  5. OFG - I'm ashamed to admit I had to Google it.

    Verde - Update will be coming.

    Teresa - I am excited as well.

    Farmer - My sheep are a hybrid of Icelandic and Soay, basically miniature Icelandics. I may be able to milk them but it will have to wait for the second generation to get a more tame ewe. Best wishes are always welcome, this is my first lambing!

  6. Our Suffolk ewe bagged up huge this year. It is her 4th year lambing tho.

  7. What pretty sheep! CDT time here to, I hate giving them!

  8. Lovely sheep, looking forward to seeing the lovely lambs. I am curious what is "knit killer". I have this image of stabbing a sweater to death... Heh. But really, is it a parasite or some such?


  9. RHJF - Do you milk your sheep?

    Niece - I'm lucky that I have a lot of helpers, I would hate to try and do it alone.

    Cat - It is a "bug" killer. I haven't seen any lice or bugs on my goats or sheep and I don't want to either!

  10. did you cd/t the goats also? I always do my does 4 weeks prior to kidding.

  11. Karen - Addison and Becca got there shots as well, it will be about 20 day prior to kidding hopefully.

  12. that just means your girls are in great shape if they dont show! Right? ;)

    Cant wait to see how many lambs show up!

  13. I just can't get over what beautiful faces all your sheep have. And wow - the time is drawing exciting!
    Do you have your cot all set up in the barn yet? I mean, you will be spending the night out there, when the time comes, so you're ready to assist, right? ;-)

  14. Danni, I have been practicing waking up every two hours at night for just this reason - cot? I don't need no stinkin' cot, I'm not planning on sleeping until April 7th!