Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall is Here!

Today the temperature reached only a high of 60*, Fall is here! The day was a mix of sunshine and rain with a soft cool breeze all day, it was a wonderful day to work outside.

I took this opportunity to weed my flower beds, clean up the goat barn, and collect rocks. My daughter was outside gathering worms and bugs for the chickens and the Commander was cutting and hauling fire wood.

We fenced off some of the yard for the sheep and they enjoyed grazing on the last of the summer grass. Above is a shot of Kia and her daughter Avalon (who is also her grazing buddy). Those two have different postures and personalities than all the other sheep. They seem to carry their heads higher and are more high strung, but they sure are beautiful.


  1. Wonderful! It was so fall-like here, too... upper 60's and lower 70's... our llamas were playing like little crias they were so happy!

  2. Don't you just love that Fall feeling in the air?

  3. Avalon is so beautiful! It is interesting that she turned out to be a light color while her mother is dark.

  4. It's always the beautiful ones that are high-strung, lol, be it people or animals!

  5. Mary Ann - Seems like Fall is the favorite season on a homestead!

    Niece - Crisp mornings and nice days, just what the doctor ordered.

    Autumn - She is the most beautiful of the lambs.

    ADoC - Isn't that the truth.

  6. We really had a beautiful day here as well. It really is starting to feel like fall.