Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sheep or Locust?

This is what the new ram area looked like in July.

This is what it looked like yesterday.


Today. I can't believe how they have defoliated the entire area. Look at how the grass stops at the edge of the fence, amazing.

This is an area where the girls cleared out the forest, not much left.

This area has a temporary snow fence and a bunch of trees the Commander cut down in July. The girls ate all the leaves and foliage, there seems to be nothing left.  Looks like a forest fire swept through here.  The trees will be cut up for firewood - once we have time.

This area has been vacant for a bit, I don't think locust could have done a better job of clearing the land.

See the snow fence?

While the Commander is at work the sheep are now on hay, when he is home he lets them loose into the forest to graze. These Cascade sheep do just as well on trees and shrubs as they do on grass, why not give them a head start on next years pasture expansion?

Gardenia is happy to have anything green to munch on!  I was worried at first about turning the sheep loose into the woods, but when the Commander and I call they always come running.  I guess they like living here.


  1. You're right, if you have plans to expand, let the sheep do the ground work. Saves you some hard labor!

  2. Good job to the clean-up crew! We're hoping to do that with our goats one day soon as we get the stinking fence around the woods!

  3. GREAT work with those locusts...I mean sheeps! and.. THANKS for the grins.. I'm making up a whole chicken-borg thing.. ha!

  4. ADoC - I would have let them loose in the forest earlier if I had known they wouldn't get lost or run away. I can really tell where they have been browsing, any head start on next years work is appreciated.

    Carolyn - I can really see the difference in an area that has been gone over by sheep as opposed by goats. A combination works great.

    OFG - Who, Me? A chicken borg blog post would be great, I can't wait....nyuck nych curly (Larry and Moe too).