Thursday, September 22, 2011

Operation Smooshhh

Since we decided to keep Albion as a companion ram for Killarney this Winter he was moved into the Ram shed with the other boys. The forecast was for rain so it didn't hurt the boys to spend some time inside and dry. I took a cattle panel and put it inside the shed to cut the area into two separate areas, Albion was in the smaller of the two.

I figured that if Albion slept on the hay that had the other boys smell on it and they got to know him through the fence that they might not rough him up once I took the panel away.

Alder (Wild Man) usually decides to eat with Albion so I hope the big boys will accept him into their click.  I will let everyone loose into the ram pasture this weekend, wish Albion luck!


  1. Good luck! I'm trying to figure out how to wean my little bucks and not have them with the bigger ones who would beat them up. Hope it works out for you.

  2. Teresa - Thanks, tomorrow is the day to let them loose. I must add that it is nice to not have to post on my own blog as Anonymous!

  3. Albion is so big! Do Cascade sheep grow really fast, or is it just me? I hope there isn't many problems for you and Albion!

  4. I hope he has an easy go of it... I'm trying to re-integrate a rooster and it is not going so well!

  5. Autumn - One of the traits of the breed is that they grow very fast.

    Mary Ann - It couldn't have gone better, there has been no roughhousing that I have seen.