Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The Commander went out to feed the rams yesterday and he noticed that Killarney had a huge gash over his right eye.  I broke out the medicine kit and went out to do my best.

He has a cut about three inches long and it was infected.  It really needs to be stitched but no vet will come out to treat sheep in this area so I have to do the best with what I have.  I started him on a 5 day cycle of antibiotics along with a shot of iron and a B12 shot.  I doused the area with an antibiotic ointment and tried to seal the cut with skin glue and blue coat.

I'm checking on him every day and he seems to be doing OK.  He needs to pull through because he is my breeding ram for the Cascades this year.


  1. Ouch indeed! Hope Killarney makes a speedy recovery, it sounds like he has an excellent nurse! x

  2. It must be the day. We found a big cut on one of the dogs... looks like something took the top layer of skin off her side. What the hey! Yours looks worse!

  3. Hope he is going to be ok. Sheep are tough, keep it clean and giving him antibiotics and he should do fine. Good luck. Do you know how he cut it?

    BTW this is second comment I am leaving, having problem with word verification, some of the numbers are so dark it is impossible to read.

  4. Rachy - I actually am a nurse but why can't we find any vet's around here?

    Mary Ann - It is a horrible looking injury and I'm doing the best I can with it. I sure hope your dog recovers!

    Tombstone - I'm doing my best to keep it clean but there is so much wool. I too have terrible problems with the word verification at times. Some of them are totally impossible to read!

    1. Tombstone - I am not sure if he did it by crashing horns with one of the other rams or if he cut himself on something.

  5. Wow, that's an ouch for sure. Hope you can keep it clean and healing quickly.

  6. Elizabeth - It looks terrible but he lets me touch it (he is being held though) to apply the medicine so I'm hoping it doesn't hurt too much.

    Carolyn - Keeping it clean is next to impossible so I'm hoping the antibiotics do their job.

  7. Good gravy! I hope all goes well with the fix. I don't know if I have heard of blue coat, but the rest sure sounds familiar...


  8. Cat - Blue Coat is an antibiotic "coating" spray and it really does the job.

  9. I hope he's ok now. I know you have done a good job mending him. With animals, there's always something going on!

  10. Lynn - He looks a lot better today. You are correct, something is always going on (wrong) around here.